Tuesday, April 17, 2012

House Hunting

So, we've started the process of looking for a new home. It's about time, for sure; my in-laws have been incredibly generous, but I'm certain that they want their living room back as well as a little peace and quiet. The Wife has started, today, to look at a couple of different homes. The process will likely include her looking at it, me looking at it, bringing in Dave the Contractor and/or my friends who do the same to look at it, and then figuring out how to pay for it. That's always the trick, isn't it?

Working in the loan industry has given me some idea of how the process works, and I'm not particularly optimistic about getting a decent loan. I haven't been working at this job for quite long enough to show any kind of history, and our outside-of-work stuff is new enough and insecure enough that it likely won't qualify. It'll probably mean loan from "Crappy Interest Rate Bank" for a year or two before I'll qualify for a loan from my bank. The good news is that housing prices and taxes are significantly lower out here than in New Jersey, so we won't be looking at a suffocating payment. Plus, I think I'll be able to ask for a raise soon. I'm pretty darn good at my job.

Little Bear, about a week ago, figured out how to chew gum. He really likes doing it, too. He can also get a decent sound (for a 2-year old) on a trumpet. And, he blows his nose quite well and usually will ask for a tissue. Yesterday, outside, he was drawing b's and d's on the pavement. He drew a capital B with three or four extra humps and said, "That's a silly B!" He and I also sat for twenty minutes on the ground and picked out little rocks that looked like different shapes, challenging each other to find an oval or a rectangle or a trapezoid. He also still loves putting tracks together, although he's moved from train tracks to the car tracks that we inherited from a friend.

The Baby has been in exceptional mood for the past couple of days, a 5AM wakeup this morning notwithstanding. Yesterday, when I got home from work, he heard me and started waving his hands in the air, saying, "Da! Da! Da! Da!" I love how happy babies get - their whole bodies get excited and bouncy with their feelings. Babies show whole-body emotions only. He's been really, really funny at mealtimes lately - he will cry and yell and carry on until food is placed in front of him. He falls silent immediately and starts to feed himself. When the food is gone (or mostly gone, to the point where it's hard for him to pick up), he'll carry on again.

His crawling is getting quite good and more fluid. He's able to go from room to room, and his pincer grip is good enough that it allows him to pick up every single little crumb and bug and schmutz on the ground that he should not be eating.

The Boy has been... well, The Boy. Nothing unusual. He reads far, far better than he should at the age of 4. His latest fun: reading "The Avengers" on my iPad. Marvel Comics has released Captain America, Hulk, and Spider Man stories as iPad apps, all read by Stan Lee. It's glorious! Particularly since they have this fun little minigames in the middle of the stories that makes sure you're paying attention. Batman is still his favorite, but he likes the Superman costume more than the Batman one for whatever reason. Lack of a mask, I suppose.

In short, it's been a remarkably uneventful week.

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