Monday, April 23, 2012

Houses and Working

The difficulty of having a two-income household, in our situation, is that the two of us are workaholics. We're both really invested in our family, and we're really invested in whatever it is we're doing at the moment. In my case, working in an entry-level position with possibilities for advancement, I'm hustling as much as possible to do what I need to do to advance. This means that an enormous amount of energy is spent at work, and an enormous amount of energy is spent chasing after children at home, which doesn't leave an awful lot of energy for anything else.

This week, The Wife is substitute teaching on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. That's challenging, because caring for three energetic young boys requires a multitude of hands. Not the least of which is the issue that the baby sleeps 98% of the time on his mother, and the other 2% of the time with Grandma. On rare occasions, I can get him to sleep if I walk him around long enough. If he starts to stir, the only one that can put him back to sleep is The Wife. That's a little frustrating for all of us, and we're not entirely sure how to work our way out of it. Making matters worse is the fact that, since his teeth came in, he no longer sucks his thumb.

Hate to mention it - do we give him a pacifier? I mean, his only pacifier right now is the booby or a bottle of milk, although Grandma has some success putting Sesame Street on the television. I'm really, really not thrilled with a tv-watching 9 month old.

So, this means that, once The Wife is up for work, The Baby and I are up as well. If The Boy has joined us during the night (which he does, now, only 5.5 out of 7 nights instead of 7 out of 7 nights), then he's up as well. Considering the day that we have at work, and the fact that it's really important to me to spend time with my kids when they're awake, then the only time I can run is either at 5:15AM (which means up at 5:00), or at 9:15PM. Running at night doesn't work for me.

One thing that is important - not a deal-breaker, but important - is to find a place in a new house to set up the gym. I'd love to be able to run three days per week and lift three days per week. It's a lot of room to devote to my use for only a few hours per week, but I'm hoping that The Wife will also start to exercise with me (or taking turns with me). The boys, I hope, will also want to exercise.

I'm looking forward to having our own place, if for no other reason than to get a better handle on the daily chores. I'm also hoping that the kids will be able to help us take some responsibility with the cleaning with us. In our earlier incarnation, The Wife and I would take a few hours on a weekend together and clean the house. I'd love for that to become a family event, other activities permitting. In our in-laws home, it's been a lot harder to get a handle on things - more people, much, much bigger place that we'll be getting. I know it doesn't get easier, but it is different when it's my place. I'm so thankful that Grandma & Grandpa have a situation where they could take us in; I'm also so thankful that our situation has improved so that we can go house-hunting.

It's really, really nice right now. We're in a situation where we don't HAVE to move right away, but we have the ability to move quickly if we need to do so. If we have to wait for the right time and right price and right place, we can do so; we also can afford to buy someplace and spend some time fixing it up before we move in. I'm pretty happy about that.

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