Thursday, April 12, 2012


The Baby started to crawl forwards, intentionally, earlier this week. Probably on Sunday, maybe on Monday, but it's definitely been within the past week. He doesn't quite have his legs and arms coordinated, yet, but he's definitely making progress. It's quite cute. He hasn't quite figured out the whole pull-himself-up on things, yet, even though he's trying his best to do so. He doesn't quite understand the whole three dimensional world, but that's only a matter of time. I'm looking forward to seeing him explore his surroundings.

People's reactions to that are still kind of interesting. I still get a majority responses of, "Uh-oh! Watch out! You're in trouble now!" Internally, I shake my head about that. How is it a bad thing, to have another mobile child? A little more challenging, maybe. It will definitely require more out-of-my-seat time, but that's not a bad thing. Besides, again, it's not cancer.

The Boy has moved his costume preference from Batman to Superman. Batman is still his favorite, but he's been wearing the Superman costume more often. I'm also supposed to be Lex Luthor, now, and he's been a tad more creative. He loves the whole "super-breath" power, particularly when it "blows" me over onto my back. I use pillows and blankets as kryptonite shields that protect me from the superbreath and let me tackle him. I think he misplaced the Batman costume's utility belt, or he just likes a costume without a mask. I need to find episodes of the Superman Adventures tv show.

Little Bear and I had a nice trip to the comic book store the other day. He really likes going, but mostly because he likes trying to use the rolled-up poster as bludgeons. I'm not too fond of that, so I usually keep him bottled up next to me, which irritates him to no end. He might be taking a break from comic book store trips until he's willing to stay with me.

The Wife was sick yesterday - mastitis, which is a booby infection. Lord knows how that happened, because The Baby spends most of every night attached to one side or the other. I was able to help her quite a bit, as was Grandma - she picked up dinner from Murray Ave Kosher, and the boys and I ran around for the rest of the evening. She felt better this morning, and she'll likely be fine by tomorrow.

Hm. Nice, boring week this week. Nothing particularly exciting happening. Quartet rehearsal tonight. Great rehearsal with my chorus this past Tuesday, with a coaching session this coming week. And, I've used the word "week" four times in this paragraph.

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