Monday, May 14, 2012

Competition Weekend

So, the competition went off spectacularly this past weekend. The chorus finished 5th, but - far more importantly - we got an amazing reaction from the crowd. In my opinion, I think we "won" the whole day - I don't think anybody had a stronger (positive) crowd reaction, even the winning chorus! I'm very, very proud of my ladies, and I know - and hope - that this is going to be the start of something truly magnificent.

As far as the rest of it went, the family muddled along in my absence with the accustomed... well, grace isn't quite the proper word, but it'll do. My wife is absolutely wonderful at keeping the children busy, and my in-laws really stepped up to the plate (as they usually do) for the boys. I didn't get much of a chance to speak with the kids while I was away, mostly because the hotel was nickle-and-diming everything we did. That meant that wifi cost money, and I'm not going to pay or to ask the chorus to pay just so I can Skype with my kids and check baseball scores.

(Side note: if we ever get to International, the chorus can pay my wifi for the week. I'll accept that as a reward.)

Still, it was a nice weekend. I treated myself (okay, technically, the chorus treated me, but I did ask for permission first) to room service for breakfast, which was really nice. Really, really expensive - I usually pay less when I take the family out - but it was worth it. Yummy pancakes, yummy sausage, and the knock on the door also served as my wake-up call for the morning.

The Wife kept me in the loop with the kids' activities while I was away. The Baby's fever seems to have left, and he's been in much better spirits since then. Little Bear was... well, two, and he spent much of the weekend in The Boy's room, drawing on the chalkboard and practising making his s-shapes. The Boy spend much of the weekend as a super hero, with a brilliant picture of him as the mighty Thor. The heartbreaking part? He must have asked The Wife, at least a dozen times, "Where's Daddy?" "Daddy's away. He'll be home on Sunday." "Oh. Where's Daddy?"

I got home around 11 on Sunday morning, and The Baby enthusiastically greeted me. "Da! Da! Da!" He has these huge, fun, lip-splitting smiles when he sees me for the first time in a day... He and I played, because the older boys were out with Grandma buying Mother's Day presents and treats. We had a nice picnic lunch, eaten inside because it was pouring rain. The boys came back, and we had some nice fun together before lunch. After lunch, Little Bear went down for a nap, and The Boy built structures with Lincoln Logs, and The Baby fell asleep on my lap. The Wife left for a performance at the local library. The Boy crawled up on my lap soon after, and the three of us had a nice half hour nap before The Baby woke violently and loudly. The Boy remained asleep for a while. Mom came home soon after, and we had a nice romp through the house before dinner. After dinner, we did normal bedtime stuff, although the night did feature three separate visits from The Boy until he settled in with us at about 2:30AM.

Funny The Boy story: on Saturday night, he ninja'd his way into bed with The Wife and The Baby at some point in the middle of the night. He's quite stealthy when he wants to be. The funny bit? He stripped himself down butt nekkid before climbing into bed. No reason; his night diaper and pajamas weren't particularly wet. He just got naked. Silly boy.

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