Wednesday, May 9, 2012


On Saturday, after work, I took The Boy and his friend C to the comic book store. It was Free Comic Book Day, which meant that every comic book store (pretty much) in the country had big stacks of comics to give away for free. The Boy has started calling C his best friend, which is really cute. I like this kid - he's a smart kid, around the same size and maturity level of The Boy, with parents who are smart and interesting as well. Side benefit: they just moved in to a new house about three blocks from ours. The Wife had the boys while the family was moving the big heavy stuff (and I was at work), and when I got home, I got the boys into costume and to the comic book store.

The neat bit? An artist, Dave Wachter, was there. He was very generous with the boys, and he did little sketches of Batman and Robin (which reflects the costumes they wore). After we got our comics, the boys and I sat at the Starbucks down the block, read comics, and drank juice (coffee for me). It was really quite cute. Many people took their picture, so I wouldn't be shocked to see them appear on Tumblr at some point.

That night, we went out to dinner at Eat 'n' Park with Grandpa, and it was one of those nights that gives us humility as parents. The Boy was perfectly well-behaved at the table, sitting politely (for the most part), and behaving well. The Baby was... a baby, but quite cute. Little Bear was two. He wandered around too much, didn't want to sit down, didn't want to eat (only kidding about that one... he always wants to eat), but didn't want to behave. No big deal - just one of those nights where he was behaving like That Kid. You know, some nights your kid is great. Other nights, your kid is That Kid. More good days than bad, we hope.

Sunday morning, The Wife was home for the first time in six months or so. She's been teaching Hebrew School at our temple, so she's normally out the door at 8:00 or so and home at noon. I taught a couple of lessons, so we exchanged jobs for the week. She then left soon after lunch, with her orchestra playing a shorter matinee performance. I put Little Bear and The Baby down for naps (the latter with Grandma), and The Boy and I went upstairs to watch Batman while I vainly tried to rest. I sent him downstairs and went to the concert.

The concert was nice, and it included The Wife playing a solo bass part during a jazz piece. I livetweeted most of the concert, which is fairly classless but it amused me. The concert had lots of Leroy Anderson, and I am a fan of any performance that has Leroy Anderson in it. After the concert, I got home to find The Boy curled up into a small ball on the easy chair, and Little Bear and The Baby playing upstairs with Grandma. I played with them for a while until The Wife got home. The Boy woke up long enough to relocate himself on my lap, and the two of us fell asleep until a little after 6 o'clock. My quartet came over to rehearse, and The Wife put the younger two kids in bed.

I'm entertained that my sons know enough music to enjoy asking for a barbershop tune when my quartet(s) come over to sing.

The Boy was awake until around 10:30 or so. He and I watched a little tv, and he built some structures with Lincoln Logs while I paid the monthly bills. He finally went up to bed, made a few trips back and forth to the bathroom, and went back to bed. I was awake somewhat later, doing a little bit of reading and straightening up and such.

No movement yet on what I'm going to do with the Ireland trip. Based on subsequent conversations with others, I'm pretty well certain that The Boy isn't going to go with me. A full week's worth of touring, and historical sites, and museums, and such is not likely to be in his best interest, performances notwithstanding. The Wife has given me her blessing to go, without The Boy. Friends from the chorus have given me their blessing to stay home and be with my family. Sigh. Still not sure what I'm going to do. It rips me up to think about leaving for a week, and it rips me up to miss such a great opportunity to travel. Lord knows when - and if - I'll ever get to travel overseas again in my life.

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