Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New Nights

So, the first couple of nights in the new house have gone quite well, even considering the first night of Dad's-chorus & Mom's-orchestra night out. We're still swimming in boxes, which is likely to continue for a couple of months. In a large sense, it's like getting wedding presents again - so much of our stuff was packed by friends that we have no idea what's in any given box. There's been many, many exclamations of, "Oh! I forgot we had those!"
Bad thing: The Baby stuck some plastic coins in my playstation 3. I don't think The Wife will let me buy an Xbox 260 to replace it. I'll mess with that eventually.

Bedtime has been kind of fun, actually. Little Bear won't get his real bed until Friday afternoon, so he's had a mattress on the floor. He also has this cute little Sesame Street couch that folds out into a tiny, tiny bed, which he just fits inside. (Even though he's our great big boy, he's a very, very little bear.) We've been putting him to bed in the mattress, and he transfers himself to the tiny little Sesame Street bed before he goes to sleep. It's very cute. He had kind of a rough night in the first night - he was a little skittish about sleeping in a strange place, so we left a nightlight on for him. He appreciated that.

The Boy has had a couple of great nights. He hasn't fought us going to bed, he hasn't had an unreasonable number of trips to the potty / for water, and - miracle of miracles - two of the three nights he stayed the entire night in his own bed! That's quite strange for him. Last night, he snuck into bed with us at 4am, but I think that was because The Wife and I were out of the house at his bedtime and he didn't know where we were. He's been doing a great job building a "Joker's Hideout" playset from Trio Blocks, which he really likes. He's very, very good at following directions to build things, but he might have an engineer or two in the family.

The Baby is, well, the baby. He's been sleeping fairly well and deeply. He's been trying to stand more on his own, and he can take a step or two before falling, so it's only a matter of time before he puts it all together. I'm kind of excited about that, actually. The thought of the three boys tearing around the house chasing each other is a little tiring but quite cute.
School starts next week. Kind of looking forward to that, as it frees up The Wife for more housework in the new place. Not entirely, because of The Baby, but well enough. The Wife has been keeping the kids plenty busy, and (occasionally, when they're calm - very, very occasionally) gets some stuff done while I'm at work. We'll see what happens.

Tomorrow is The Boy's birthday. I have a Batman color-by-numbers set for him, and we have this awesome Trio train station set. We'll see
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Sarah said...

I am so happy for your new house! Also, love the pictures. It always looks so peaceful there. Am I imagining it, or is my house always much more chaotic than yours appears?

Oh, and what is this XBox "260" you speak of, something retro? ;)

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