Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sleeping and Kickboxing

I am really looking forward to being in our new house - specifically, our big, big bed. Twice since I've been home, The Boy has wound up kicking me - literally - out of bed twice in the last three nights. He climbs in around 2am or so, then proceeds (in his sleep) to kick, push, and otherwise cajole me awake. It's been frustrating as heck. I hope that the big, big bed will allow me to move him a foot or so away and give me some room to breathe. Probably not, but it's definitely worth a shot.

I know, I know... I should just be shuttling him back to his own bed. Easier said than done. Before the last few nights, it was much easier to pull him in and let him sleep rather than bring him back and fight with him to keep him in bed. He goes to bed, more or less, in own bed easily enough.

The new house is getting closer and closer and closer to being done. Everything is in the 95% time of being completed. The windows are in and insulated, but they're not framed. The floors are in, except for the basement, but the connectors between rooms aren't done. The kitchen countertop is almost done, and the sink & dishwasher will follow soon after. The electrical outlets have all been replaced, and new covers are on all of the outlets and light switches. Soon enough, I know.

This weekend is The Boy's birthday party. He's having a mix of old classmates and new classmates come - the rest of his class last year is graduating to kindergarten or moving to full day preschool, and he's joining the new 4-year olds in class. He'll probably be the oldest kid, but we're okay with that. I honestly think, now, that he's ready for the 4 year old class; definitely not ready for kindergarten. Academically, no problem; he could probably hang with a 2nd or 3rd grade class without too much of an issue. Attention span and emotional development, no way.

The original thought was to try to have the party at the new house... which isn't likely. More stuff was damaged or in dire need of repair than we expected, or than even the housing inspector expected. Stuff like, when changing out the kitchen sink, the drain pipe crumbled to dust in Dave's hand. That's not good, and thankfully we found that out now rather than while washing dishes. And, last night, the washing machine started spewing water for some reason. So, here we go... to work, then to the new house for hours of work, then back home to pass out in bed.

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