Monday, August 13, 2012

The Voyage Home

After we brought our bags to the bus and turned in our room key, we got a boxed breakfast of a scone, a roll, an apple, an orange juice box, and some coffee or tea. We got back on the bus for a quick last tour through a newer section of Dublin to look at some fancy houses and more Georgian architecture, and then we proceeded to the airport. We went through US customs in Dublin, then proceeded to wait for our plane.

Bravo to United Airlines for an incredibly impressive, smooth trip home. Here we're the three "worst" things about the trip home:

1: The flight was completely booked, so they asked people to check a second bag for free to clear up room on the flight. Considering that most of us had two carry-on bags, one filled with clothes and such, this was a feature, not a bug. I checked my larger carry-on bag gleefully.

2: We arrived into Newark Airport a half hour early, which meant more waiting around in the airport. Again, not a big problem.

3: Our luggage made it to the conveyor so quickly, in Pittsburgh, that I had to wait outside for about 20-25 minutes for my wife to come get me. Of course, the weather was a very Irish 68 degrees and overcast, which made it a pleasant wait.

When those are the three worst things about the trip, you know that you had a pleasant and worry-free trip home. Again, thank you, United Airlines, for your service on Saturday.

We did do some more singing on the way home. One of the flight attendants is an occasional Sweet Adeline forum Portland, and she asked if we could give them a song. We couldn't sing with the whole chorus - not enough room on the plane and too much engine noise - but one of the quartets sang to the cabin crew. In Newark, we sang a couple of chorus tunes in the plane terminal, and two or three of the quartets sang as well.

A trip wrap-up will come from me, when I have had a few days to let my thoughts settle and catch back up to work and family time. I know that this was a heck of a week, and I thank my wife, who was home with three children under 5, for making this possible. (Don't feel too bad for her. She went with the kids, Grandma, and her sister to Atlantic City for most of the week and enjoyed the beach.) It was an amazing time, full of life-altering experiences, and I know that we are going to be talking about it for years to come.

I was incredibly, and amazingly, happy to see the boys and The Wife, and they were just as happy to see me. It's interesting, how things just aren't RIGHT when we're apart like that! It's not that we can't function, or don't function, it's just that things are a little off kilter and off balance


The boys and Mum liked the presents that I bought for them. The tin whistle was a particular hit. The Boy was actually working to get different notes; Little Bear was seeing how loud he could blow it, and The Baby was humming into it to make noises. The Boy, when I got home, put his new Ireland shirt on immediately, and he hasn't spent more than five minutes away from me. O the other hand, I haven't gone more than a few feet away from them, either.

The house is coming along. The floors are 95% done - just need to put the between-rooms molding down. The windows are in and need to be framed. The kitchen has been started as well. Movers came on Friday and took my computer desk, piano, easy chair, some bookshelves, and the boys' dressers over to the house. We're so close I can taste it.

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Sarah said...

I think I should send my husband on a trip so he can come home missing us and feeling refreshed. :) Glad a good time was had, and how cool that you sang randomly like that.