Saturday, August 18, 2012

Thursday Musings

It is truly amazing watching my boys grow. Their concentration and thought processes are a wonder to behold; in particular, when Little Bear decides that he wants to learn something or to do something, he attacks it with ferocity. For instance, he's decided that he wants to learn how to play the maze games on a toy laptop that Joe F bought for the boys a couple of years ago. He isn't entirely sure how to work the mouse, although he's improving on a daily basis. It's not a "real" computer mouse - it's more a mouse-shaped joystick with an inconveniently-placed button. He's doing a pretty good job with it, although he hasn't quite figured out that, when you move the mouse and press the button, the cursor jumps to the end of that "row." But, he sticks with it, asks for help if necessary, and eventually wins the game. The Boy does that as well: sinks his teeth into something as deeply as possible. Yesterday, apparently, was the day to learn about hanging off of the monkey bars at the local park. It was really cute; The Wife sent a video to Facebook. The Baby was playing ball with me today. He would throw the ball to me (or in my general direction), and I would roll it back to him. He was very amused by that. He's also started identifying shoes with "shooo!" words; today, he crawled on the ground, got up to a pair of my shoes, and said, "Shooo!" It's very cute. I'm excited to see where their interests will lie, where their talents will take them. I know it'll be exciting.

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