Thursday, September 20, 2012


Last night was kind of a banner night for us, in the new house: We had, for a brief moment, all three children sleeping in their own beds. No little people were in our bed with us. It was marvelous! And, very cute. The baby slept in the lower bed of the trundle bed that we swiped from Grandma's house, and he was comfortable there for around an hour, hour and a half! By the next morning, we had two children in bed with us, but... baby steps, folks. We enjoy the little victories.

We celebrated the only way we know how: I exercised, she practiced. She'll exercise tonight, most likely. We live exciting lives: truly the stuff of legends.

There are times that it's concerning that the baby spends so little time sleeping anywhere else, and it's concerning that he will only sleep with The Wife at night. If he wakes up, he will not go back to sleep for me, pretty much under any circumstances. Kind of frustrating, actually, but it's the cost of doing business. I'm just not around enough, and I don't take the late baby shift often enough, for The Baby to feel comfortable going back to sleep for me. Don't get me wrong; he loves Daddy, and I know that and can see that. I'm just not Mom.

I'm curious to find out what it must be like to, say, sit in the living room and relax, instead of being underneath snoring children at night. I'd love to sit and watch television from a seated position instead of lying down; I'd even love to dust off the Playstation and play a game or two! I've got some awesome games that have been in wrappers for three years now.

All in good time. I'll still have my games, for when my kids play the X-Box 1440, or whatever's out in ten years.

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