Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Nice Weekend

On Sunday night, we had an early Rosh Hoshanah dinner with some friends. It was really nice, and the first kind-of-fancy dinner we had at the new house. It was also the first meal eaten in the dining room, and the first time I put one of the leaves in the dining room table. That felt kind of cool, actually. The table with leaves is a little too long to fit in the dining room, so we kind of held the table diagonally and just dealt with it. Any more people, and we'd probably pull the table into the family room - kind of like what Aunt M does. I still have only seen her living room as a living room a couple of times; on the holidays, when we visit, the living room is a dining room for 20 or 30 people.

The interesting thing is that little A, who's a shade younger than The Baby, was starting to stand up unassisted and take three or four steps on his own! The Baby watched him quite intently, and he decided to try to do a little bit of walking on his own. He took 3 or 4 steps that day for the first time, and he's been doing better and better as the days go past. He's going to a standing position unassisted yet, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time.

The other boys were later walkers, also. Little Bear walked around 15 months, and The Boy wasn't walking regularly until after 18 months (but he had some extenuating circumstances). The Baby is now 14 months, so it's probably imminent. It wouldn't shock me if it was another month before he was walking more regularly; he's very, very tall. That's a long way to fall down, and new walkers fall down a LOT. Little A is about six inches shorter than The Baby and built a little wider, so he's got less distance to fall and more padding on which to land.

Cute kid, though, just like his older brother. I happen to like those two boys more than I like most of the kids that are The Boy's and Little Bear's friends. The parents are cool, too.

Yesterday, the power of Goodnight Moon was in full effect. Little Bear actually crawled into bed at naptime with The Wife and the other two boys! She texted me a picture of the two older boys snuggled up together. It was very cute. He's been a lot more affectionate since we moved into the new house. On Saturday, he wanted to nap with me instead of by himself! I'm happy to oblige, as you might guess. I'm struck, at least once per day, that my Little Bear - even though he's so big, so mature, so smart, and so independent - is really quite a little bear, indeed. He curls up into a tiny little ball of boy, and he does enjoy a good snuggle now and again.

Tuesday are hard for me. I love my chorus and I love my chorus rehearsals, but it's hard to go directly from work to a rehearsal and not get home until 10:30 or so. It's more difficult because of a quartet job tonight, and then this weekend spent in Independence, OH, at the Sweet Adelines convention. Even without the crushing amount of work and unpacking still due on the new house, it's difficult to be so far away from my children for that long. I know that, soon enough, they'll be independent young men and able to take care of things on their own, but... still... while they're little, I don't want to miss out on the snuggles, and games, and stories, and other fun stuff.

It's nice to have a boring life sometimes.

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Sarah said...

Funny, Jameson was 1 on 8/22, and shortly therafter started standing on the floor by just standing up. He still hasn't taken actual steps yet, so he's the opposite of your baby. Elise was the overachiever, doing everything early and walking at a week shy of 11 months, and Andrew wasn't walking regularly until 16/17 months (first steps at 14 months).