Monday, September 17, 2012

Our friend, NED!

I took today off from work for two reasons: the Jewish holiday, and to take The Boy for his latest scans and such.

We did the normal family stuff on the Rosh Hoshanah holiday: services last night, where The Wife sang and did a marvelous job, and the Tot Shabbat service this morning, where Little Bear did a marvelous job singing the songs and the prayers.

We didn't linger for a long time at Grandma's afterwards, which we would have liked; The Boy was NPO for the scans, which meant that the only thing that he could do was to stare longingly at the delicious food in the room.

Instead, we went home, got changed, and went to the park together. The Boy rode his bike, and I took the smaller children in the wagon. They left early to go enjoy the aforementioned yummy food, and The Boy and I returned home, had some fruit ice, and left for the hospital.

There is a certain amount of trepidation and familiarity when going to the hospital. On one hand, I'm an old pro - I spent weeks there at a time not too long ago. On the other hand, it was not that recent, and I don't know all of the latest stuff that has been going on. So, slight changes in security delayed us, as did the front desk lady not paying attention and not giving me my name tag for a little while. Whatever.

The scans went pretty well. There wasn't that long of a wait, which was pleasant. The lady doing the ultrasound was thorough if not quick, and The Boy lasted a long time before he starts actively asking if she was done with the exam yet. All in all, he was remarkably patient with the whole process, even if he lost it a bit at the end. They took a long time to review the scans and finally let us go - basically, an entire Daniel Tiger episode. When offered lots and lots of stickers, he settled for one Lightning McQueen sticker - declined the rest - and gave me one Batman sticker.

We went for the traditional post-scan meal: grilled cheese, orange juice, and chips. He even ate the crusts, which is a new development from the last time I was there.

Before we saw Dr. Graves, we did the normal height and weight (43 inches and 44 pounds) and blood pressure, all of which we within normal limits. He did the finger stick without complaint, just a mild, "What was that?" after the poke. Joy of joys, when given the urinalysis sample collector, he went to the potty without complaint and peed in the cup quickly and efficiently. Thank heaven - I remember the hours and hours of wait that we used to do.

We saw the resident first, who asked us the normal questions. Nothing new since last time, really, and no health issues that we noticed. A sniffle or two, but that's about it. Dr. Graves was his normal, charming self, and we gave I'm the complete story - the general thought that the kids be to learn what questions to ask, but Daddy needs to know the whole story. Not a very interesting story, but... still.

Bottom line? NED, which means No Evidence of Disease. They don't call cancer cured; this is best news possible. Dr. Graves told us that we were going to do one more set of scans, in 6 months, and that that was it - no more scans until and unless something drastically changes. With Wilms, if it was still there, it would have shown up a long time ago - look at the tumor regrowth. It went from a pencil point to a large tumor in, like, six weeks. It's been nearly 3.5 years, using our adjusted end date of treatment as April 1. (I know: technically, the end of treatment was three weeks or so before that, when we did the last chemo. But, April 1 was the date we got the awful GFR results that shut down treatment.) He was really quite emotional - this is a big step for us. Once the scans are done, we are as close to free as we will ever get.

A lot of stuff has fallen into place for us lately. New house, new job, new career, new chorus, new church job (The Wife's), new quartet... heck, I even managed to get my Playstation to work tonight and played video games for ten minutes.

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Sarah said...

Wonderful news!

My kids love Daniel Tiger. I think they infuse addicting nuances or "somethings" into the episodes so the kids will sit all trance-like. ;)

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