Sunday, September 9, 2012

Things are working out

Another milestone passed this morning: my first lifting workout in the new house. Part of the rationale behind renting a truck on Labor Day was the fact that no car/truck that we own would fit the gym; a truck was quite inexpensive and did a nice job of doing exactly that. I spent about an hour yesterday putting it together and fitting it (and the rubber flooring) just so in the basement, then another half hour or so cleaning the equipment. It's a little bit of a tight fit: the top of the gym rests against the drop ceiling but doesn't push it up at all, and I need to be careful when taking the bar in or out of the device because of the closet doors. That's okay, though... it surely beats having to travel to the JCC to exercise.

Exercising today was a real pleasure. I put a movie on Netflix on my iPad, ran for ten minutes or so, then lifted for 45 minutes or so. Weirdly enough, my first (non-moving) lifting exercise since - oh - February or so! I'm sure it's going to hurt tomorrow, but it is so worth it. I feel better right now than I have in months.

It's hard to believe the pleasure that we're feeling at having our own home! All of us, including the children, love the house and want to be there. Over the last couple of days, The Boy and Little Bear, when on outings, asked to go back to the new house instead of going further places. That's pretty cool. I'm actually taking a vacation day tomorrow so that I can finish some of the remaining things: painting trim in the playroom, hallway, and kitchen, cleaning out the playroom, and unpacking some boxes.

The boys are back to school as of Tuesday this week, and they're having fun already. The Boy is still in the same class, the 4-year old class, with one of his other classmates - the rest are either in kindergarten or in other preschool programs. Little Bear is in the 3-year old class with Harriet, and we love Harriet. I'll bring the kids to school tomorrow and say hi to the teachers.

Sorry there's nothing very interesting to report. The only "conflict" happening at home is around dinnertime, where we're trying to teach the boys to sit at the table until more people are finished eating and to say, "May I please be excused?" when they get up. It's hit or miss, as you'd expect. The little ones want to eat quickly and go play, or not eat at all when the rest of us are eating, play, then eat later. We're pretty much giving them the choice to sit with us and eat or go to their room (no tv or media other than books) until we're done, and no snacks until a small one before bed. Little Bear had a tough time with that last night, but that was mostly because he didn't have an afternoon nap, which he so desperately needs.

Tonight, The Wife has an open house where she's teaching Hebrew School while I'm at work until late. We've got a babysitter watching the children, so that'll be fun.

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