Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Last weekend, I went to Independence, Ohio (just south of Cleveland), for the Sweet Adelines Harmony Weekend. It was an awful lot of fun, with great music and great learning. It's nice to know that there are friends that I have in Sweet Adelines (despite my comparative newness to the organization) who are as happy to see me as I am to see them. I left right after work on Friday and arrived around 7:45 Friday night. I left Sunday morning and arrived back home around 11:45am.

It's hard for everybody when I'm away for a length of time. Don't get me wrong - my wife can handle it. She's a tough cookie, and our house is set up to amuse the children and still allow her to maintain some semblance of sanity, although she did sleep under a pile of small boys on Saturday night. I would have, too - if that helps them sleep through the night, then more power to them.

When I got home on Sunday, it was a joyous reunion. I had all three boys on my lap for a good chunk of the afternoon and evening, and we three had a fun time at the playground (until The Baby jumped off of a moving merry-go-round and scraped his face for a good six feet or so on the ground). Earlier, I had primed the new bathroom, and The Wife painted the room while I took the boys to the park. It was a pretty even trade; after watching the boys for the entire weekend, getting a chance to do something physical and productive was a welcome one for her. After putting the boys to bed, I exercised while she practiced, until the baby needed some more direct attention and ended our evening.

Yesterday, I had a couple of little cysts removed from my back, so - when I got home from work - I was really up for running around, chasing boys, and dragging them to the park. Instead, I watched some television with them. I read stories to both of the older boys while The Wife put the baby to bed and practiced, and we all went to bed early. It was interesting reading stories to both of the older boys at the same time, as their understandings are very different. They weren't new stories - Stan Lee reading the Spider-Man origin story, and the Scholastic Storybook Dem Bones - but their reactions are very different. They find different things funny, they get a little scared by other aspects of the story. I'm not sure Little Bear is really ready for the Spider-man origin story, but he did request it because he was wearing Spider-Man pajamas.

Nothing too exciting, I'm afraid... except that the new bathroom is up and running and ready to go. We now have 2.5 bathrooms, not 1.5. That's pretty exciting.

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