Thursday, September 27, 2012

Yom Kippur

Yesterday was the end of Yom Kippur. It was a really rough day for The Wife - I went to work, and she was home all day with the kids. She didn't fully fast - as a nursing mother, that's really, really bad for you and the baby - but ate minimally, and therefore had a rough day trying to keep up with bored little boys. I probably should have taken the day off, but I didn't, so I will next year.

Our kids are wonderful little people, but they have their moments. The Boy was an uncooperative little pain in the behind yesterday, physically fighting The Wife off when she was trying to help him get dressed so they could go to the kiddie services. Little Bear is an amazingly destructive little person when he's in that kind of mood, and he was in that kind of mood all day yesterday. It culminated in him pulling the hearing aids out of The Boy's ears and throwing them at the ground. Not so good.

He was banished to bed - it was late at that point. He and I talked about it, and he was quite upset about the whole thing. He doesn't mean to hurt The Boy or his things, but he has a hard time controlling himself. He also said something that broke my heart: "Daddy, when you go work, I'm afraid that you won't come back." Oh, boy. That hurts.

I met The Wife and the boys at temple for the evening services. The Baby lasted about three minutes before he was done, and he and I went down into the lobby to hang out and wait. He crawled around, looking at people and things in the lobby, and occasionally losing a shoe. At this point, he would say, "Shoe! Shoe!" and stop to pick it up. We also played the "You stole Daddy's hat!" game with the yarmulke that I borrowed from the temple. He was really quite cute. After a little while, the other boys came downstairs, too. I took them to one of the classrooms for entertainment while The Wife stayed for the end of the services. We went to Grandma's house for a break-the-fast meal, and I packed up our DVDs to take back home. The Boy helped me bring the boxes to the car, which was really, really cute.

The Wife and I went to sleep early - around 10, 10:15, because neither one of us was feeling well. She's got whatever cold is travelling around, and I have some back pain from having two cysts removed on Monday. Lucky me. The Boy joined us around 3am, and around 4am, I gave him the boot back to his bed - I couldn't handle the physical punishment of the kicking. That's actually the first time that I've done that to him, but I think it won't be the last. He came back later, but it was around 7am and we were all just thinking about getting up.

Interesting event: he said to me, this morning in the car, out of the blue: "Daddy, can I go to Sunday school?" It turns out that he discovered that one or two of his former school mates, who were now in kindergarten, were in the Sunday Hebrew school at Rodef. He decided that he wanted to do that. It's an interesting thing, because this is the first thing that he's actually asked to do like this. I'm really proud of him; it's a big developmental step to make those kind of decisions!

The answer, of course, is yes - if he's going to go for the whole year. He doesn't understand that yet. But, we're not going to pay an entrance fee for the classes, have him go twice, and never want to go again. The conversation will be revisited. We'll see what happens.

Interesting bit: for Yom Kippur, the preschool had the kids draw pictures of things they were sorry for doing. The Boy wrote, "I'm sorry for hitting Little Bear and pushing Little Bear and sitting on him." The interesting bit: he drew pictures of those events, and the pictures of him were orange (his favorite color) and the pictures of his brother were blue (his favorite color). The pictures of himself had angry eyebrows - which is pretty good thinking, to show eyebrows that convey emotions. Smart kid.

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