Saturday, October 6, 2012

Teeth, Or Something

The boys went to the dentist last week - a pediatric dentist, not cousin Benjy the Dentist. They had a reasonably decent time, although Little Bear kind of freaked out a little bit and wouldn't let the dentist poke around in his mouth at all. The Boy cooperated, even to the extent of allowing x-rays. Miracle of miracle, we can see that one of his adult teeth are on the move - a lower front tooth! Considering all we've been through, it's kind of a miracle. That's exciting! This past weekend was magnificently unplanned and uneventful. I had a little bit of singing to do, but the weekend was spent around the house, doing a little bit of work, unpacking some more stuff, and, most importantly, chasing little boys around the neighborhood. We had Grandpa over for dinner, which is always fun. He and The Wife tried to put up a Sukkah. I helped, as did the boys, and we got it up after dinner. It failed during a rain & wind storm the next day. The whole house has been pretty exhausted over the past couple of days for no really apparent reason. The boys and The Wife have been asleep when I've left the house for work all week, which is strange. Today, they were just starting to move when I got up, so I got to give some hugs to a very, very sleepy Little Bear. He's very, very earnest in his observations, which is cute as heck. "Daddy, I drew this picture for Kelly (our new babysitter), but she went home." The Boy stumbled blearily out of (our) bed, and said, "Daddy, I'm going to get dressed before I go potty." He went back into my bedroom, found my wife, and said, "Mum, I'm going to get dressed before I go potty." The boys are really so... so... cute! There's no other word for it. They love the cartoon Kipper (from the UK), they love Little Bear, they love Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. The Boy loves The Three Stooges; Little Bear doesn't, yet. They're earnest, sweet, and sensitive. When they're not actively fighting with each other, they're very gentle with their friends and happy to spend time with others. I got the Avengers movie in the mail yesterday, and I can't wait to watch it. I want to share it with my oldest son, but I'm pretty sure that I'm not going to let him watch it for a little while. He's just too... too... innocent. I want to enjoy watching these silly, placid cartoons with him while he wants to do so. This is truly the innocence of children, and I'm in no rush to end that. There will be loads of time to enjoy Avengers, and Batman, and Buffy, and all of the great geek stuff that my wife and I enjoy. Watching my sons re-enact scenes from Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood is too cute and definitely worth it.

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