Thursday, December 6, 2012

Been A While...

I started this on Monday night, sitting in The Boy's bedroom and playing Trio blocks with Little Bear. The Baby and The Boy were chasing each other down the hall, tackling one another to the ground and laughing hysterically. Little Bear, with the Trio blocks, was doing his best to build every letter in the alphabet, focusing on the letters for "BED" and propping his creations against The Boy's bed. The Wife was puttering around, keeping an eye on the giggling ball of little boys rolling down the hallway and the laundry. That little moment of idyllic family life ended as one expects, with multiple little boys: one of them (The Baby) took a header into the door and gave himself a nice size bump on the size of his forehead. This went along with the cut under Little Bear's eye, giving us a family portrait that the Children, Youth & Family Services would not enjoy. Still, it's the price of doing business: little boys means some amount of roughousing means that scraped knees, scraped hands, bruised faces, et al, are going to occur. It was the end of a rough, rough weekend for us. Friday night, I had a quartet rehearsal / little performance at the house of my lead, Guru. The Boy came along with me, and I learned that leaving him alone with a Playskool collectible castle was not a good move. Side note: check out and "like" us. We're pretty good. Side note 2: he's developed a nice, healthy conscience. He told me last night that he still felt bad about breaking the little pieces off of the castle. Doesn't make it better - still broken - but nice to know regardless. I put him to bed then almost immediately put myself to bed. At 12:30am, I woke up in agony - my stomach was killing me. This wasn't the sharp, agonizing, couldn't breath pains from Thanksgiving 2008, so I didn't think it was the same thing (and it wasn't), but it was awful enough that I couldn't sleep. I moved into another bedroom to get some space and to avoid waking The Wife and The Baby. Finally, around 5:30am, I fell asleep. I woke up at 7:30 and couldn't move too well. The Wife dropped the kids off at her parents' house, and she took me to the Urgent Care Center in Shadyside when it opened. They took my vitals and sent me right across the street to the Emergency Room. They did an x-ray, CT, and ultrasound of my abdomen - no organ damage, thank G-d, put a couple of bags of fluid in me, said, "Congratulations - you have something. If it doesn't get better, come back." I spend Sunday in bed, save for a 2-hour performance at Market Square with my chorus and my new quartet. Not really sure how I got through that, considering that my total caloric intake on Saturday was 2 bottles of Gatorade, my total intake on Sunday was 1 bottle of Gatorade and some turkey broth, and my stomach was not handling coffee well at all... but, we got through and did pretty well. After that, I went back to bed and slept until my doctor's appointment the next morning. By Monday afternoon, I was almost conscious. So, that was my weekend. How was yours? I'm not going to do the normal long layoff from blog thing and try to make excuses or promises to write. There aren't any excuses, really, other than saying how wonderful it is to be busy with non-hospital stuff. When we were inpatient in the hospital as long as we were, we had adequate time to sit and blog and a whole bunch of people that needed to get information about us. But, my day consists of heading to work quickly after waking up, and I get home around 5. I have quartet rehearsal on Monday night and chorus rehearsal on Tuesday night. Wednesday night The Wife sometimes sings, and I work late on Thursday nights. I've been working out pretty regularly (at least until Friday night's stomach issues), even getting three workouts per week most weeks since we moved into the house. I workout after the kids go to bed, so that's where most of the time is going. The boys are well. The Boy is showing leadership and maturity in preschool this year, which is to be expected because it's his second year in the same class and, emotionally, he's finally caught up. Little Bear is... well... Little Bear. At school, he's helpful and kind and smart as a whip. At home, he's helpful and kind and smart as a whip... and sometimes the biggest little bastard that you can imagine. Age 3, for both boys, was kind of a mean and vicious year. The Baby is walking full time now and he's trying to say everything. "Mama" and "Dada" and "Milk" and "cheese" and "bite" (when he wants something you've got) and "show" (when he wants to watch tv) and a bunch of other words. "Sit," when he wants to sit on your lap. I'm hopeful to write more. I miss it.

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