Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Celebrations

Yesterday was, as we hoped, a nice, boring, uneventful day - at least, as uneventful and boring as a day spent with three little boys can be. Nobody was bleeding, so there's that.

We all slept in yesterday. Little Bear snuck into bed with us around 7:30, and he was quite content to snuggle until about 8:15, when he got a little restless and woke the baby. The Boy slumbered quite peacefully for another couple of minutes, until I threw a pillow at him and woke him up. The Wife wasn't feeling too well, so she stayed in bed while I got the kids dressed and fed. She eventually joined us downstairs.

I saved one present each for the boys: a wooden puzzle for Little Bear (which he did once or twice), a Doc Hudson matchbox car for The Boy (which The Baby carried around for most of the day, occasionally making vroom-vroom noises at it), and a pop-the-balls-out toy for The Baby, which The Boy and Little Bear played with - and fought over - all day.

I always have a tough time shopping for my wife. I'm an easy person for whom to shop, mostly because I start telling her what I'd like for a present roughly 8 weeks before a holiday. She's not so easy. I settled on a DVD which I figured women would like (thank you, Greater Harmony Chorus, for pointing me in the direction of what women like), and she seemed entertained by it.

We watched "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" and "Monsters, Inc." After that, I took the three boys to the JCC (figured that they'd be open on Christmas) to play in the playroom for a couple of hours, letting The Wife rest at home. We had a fun time playing.

After we got home, both older boys melted down in a big, big way, so I took them upstairs to nap. Since they've been off from school, they've been sleeping later and taking late afternoon naps, which pushes their bedtimes close to 10 o'clock. That's unfortunate, particularly since I've had work and like to exercise after they go to bed, so I took advantage of their nap and

hit the gym for an hour.

We had another guest for dinner and another opportunity to bust out the good China. The Wife made turkey loaf - a big hit around these parts - and sweet potatoe pancakes, which were a learning experience. I loved them and ate most of them, but the kids and The Wife weren't happy with them. After dinner, we had a rousing discussion centered around gun control and mental health issues, then we threw the boys in the tub for bedtime.

Everyone in the house was asleep by 10:30pm.

That was our Christmas - nice and boring, just the way we like it. The Baby got up on the dining room table a few times in search for treats and presents (he actually ripped off his own wrapping paper this morning and really enjoyed that), and he got ahold of a steak knife from the drawer once. He also figured out how to turn on the garbage disposal, which scared the crap out of him. Little Bear is learning what "being a nooge" and a "pest" means. The Boy is... The Boy. He made a neat picture of Captain Marvel (SHAZAM) to hang on his door, meaning that my tooth fairy present hit on all the proper cylinders.

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