Friday, December 28, 2012

Entertainment Habits

When he was younger, The Boy's principal form of amusement was using things to make letter shapes. He'd use silverware, drumsticks, toys, pens, and whatever else he could manipulate to make an A, a B, a C, etc. He really enjoyed that activity, and whenever we went anywhere, he'd have an awesome time showing off his letters. Little Bear has continued and expanded that little game. Now, he builds letters and numbers from Trio blocks, straws, and green beans. The most interesting bit, in comparison with his older brother? He makes Hebrew letters out of everything, also. Two days ago, before bed, he drew the entire Aleph-bet set of letters onto the magnetic drawing board. That's pretty good for a kid who isn't even three and a half. He's always been an interesting child. He's much, much busier than his brothers at comparative stages. I understand that you can't compare kids, and you certainly can't compare The Boy to his brothers: the various stages of treatment affected his physical development, energy level, urge to explore, etc. Little Bear was always more restless and more inclined to explore and play than his older brother. The Baby is almost at the same level, but I think Little Bear is still more wandering than he is. And yet, if I have to pick one kid to take to a concert or a religious service, it's Little Bear, hands down. He's quite patient at a show. He likes listening to the music, watching the staging, and that sort of thing. The Boy gets restless and resists going out on general principle; Little Bear enjoys it. "The Sound of Music" in Pittsburgh is on Groupon this week, tickets for $12; we'll probably get two tickets, for a parent and for Little Bear. He's far more likely to sit through the entire show than his older brother. The latest thing in our viewing habits is The Muppet Show. I've shown some episodes of the original Muppet Show to the boys, and they seem to enjoy it a bit. I forgot how much of the Muppet Show is talking and pop culture jokes! I don't really remember those as a child. There is a bunch of awesome Muppet Show segments on YouTube, and the boys request their favorites at night. The current favorite is the "mah nah mah nah" with the pink monsters; they love quoting Staler and Woldorf at the end: "The question is, what is a manamana?" "The question is, who cares?" It's really, really cute and hysterically funny. The Boy has discovered YouTube for himself. Currently, he searches for clips about his favorite books and authors and cartoon characters; there are a couple of great readings / reinactments of the Elephant and Piggie books by Tad Williams that he enjoys. Of course, we're trying to keep a close eye on him - there are a bunch of things that we'd prefer him to avoid on YouTube, for obvious reasons. The various incarnations of Sesame Street are still hits, for sure. My Big, Big Friend has fallen off the watch list, and I haven't seen much WordWorld lately. Batman & Super Friends are reasonable regulars and "Daddy things," but The Boy and I haven't watched much Three Stooges lately.

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