Thursday, December 27, 2012

Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Yesterday, we had the first snow storm in our new house. It highlighted a couple of problems: namely, how to get cars and people up the 60 degree grade of our driveway and how to get our tiny, light, little Pontiac Vibe up and down the 45 degree grade of our street. The answers: very, very carefully (park the minivan at the bottom of the driveway) and not at all (park on the street at the top of the hill).

Shoveling the driveway was a problem, as I kept sliding down the hill. This is definitely not a driveway for a snow blower: it's too steep and too dangerous. If you started sliding, the machine would eat you. Basically, we'll hold steady until the boys get old enough to handle the shoveling for me. I like the exercise, for sure, and I like the little bit of solitude and quiet.

The Boy came outside and helped me shovel a little bit as I was finishing up. We went sledding down the hill of our street a bit, which was problematic: we came far, far too close to ending up underneath cars parked in the street. So, after a couple of attempts, we stopped. We made some snow angels and had a little bit of a snowball fight. It's awesome that he's old enough to play in the snow.

Neither boy napped yesterday, so we had the two older boys in bed by 8:15 or so. I was in bed asleep by 9:30, which is a rarity. As such, I could wake up and work out first thing in the morning - getting up at 6 wasn't a problem. I had 8.5 hours of sleep, after all. I re-shoveled, and we had breakfast at the Bagel Factory using a Grandma-supplied Groupon before the boys went to their swimming lesson.

They went sledding this afternoon at the park. The Wife sent me a video. It was epic.

YouTube Video

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