Sunday, December 9, 2012

Slow but Eventful Weekend

This weekend was The Wife's turn to be insanely busy, as I outlined on Friday afternoon. She sang Friday night and Saturday morning, taught Sunday school, and had orchestra stuff Saturday afternoon and evening and Sunday afternoon and evening. The boys and I had a fun, slow, but eventful weekend as well.

Friday night was Tot Shabbat, and that went quite well. Little Bear's teacher sat with him and The Baby while The Boy and I got food for the family. When we were finished eating, The Wife was done singing, so we were good to go at that point. I was part of the "Daddy Menorah" during the tot service, which was fun. The Boy sat in the service with one of his school friends (probably this year's bff), and I sat with Little Bear while The Wife chased the baby around. Good part about that service? She was one of a large group of parents chasing a large group of babies.

Saturday morning, we all went to breakfast with Grandpa. The Wife then left for Saturday services, and I took the boys to the Pittsburgh Toy Lending Library. This is something that The Wife has been doing for a little while - it's this awesome little playroom in the downstairs of a Methodist church. You can borrow toys like library books and return them after a week or so. The cost is inexpensive - basically, a nominal fee as long as you spend some time volunteering in the place. Since they don't care if you bring your kids to your volunteer time, it's a win-win situation. They have little bikes to ride, little sliding and climbing toys, a puppet stage, costumes, dolls, and a reading area with books and comfortable little chairs.

We spent a couple of hours there before heading home, in time to have lunch with Mum. I took a quick rest, then I loaded the kids into the car, with Grandpa, took drive down to Washington, PA, to see the Pittsburgh branch of Tubachristmas. This is where a whole bunch (in this case about 30) of tuba, euphonium, and baritone players gather together to play Christmas carols. It's awesome. The boys made it about 35 minutes before melting down, which was quite good. They slept in the car on the way there and a little bit on the way back.

We went to Grandma's for dinner. She had a special latke dinner for Chanukah, which the boys enjoyed. They got their first round of Chanukah presents: really big legos, like 8 inches on a side big. I dropped the baby at home with a babysitter, then I took the two older boys to The Wife's orchestra concert. They made it most of the way through the performance of "The Nutcracker" before cracking, which - again - was pretty good. I made them stay for one more song, because Leroy Anderson's "Sleigh Ride" is just Teh Awesum. Home to bed.

This morning, we hung out until 10:30, when all of us went to Latkepalooza at Beth Shalom. This had singing, dancing, latkes, donuts, festival games (although I was unsure of what the prizes were), and lots and lots and lots of people. The Baby was asleep on my back in the carrier, and I followed Little Bear around. The Boy was gone almost immediately, and I didn't see him much over the next hour or so. Good thing that enough people know him from school and from The Wife, right? Grandma and Grandpa came after a little while, and everyone had a really good time.

The Wife now is at her orchestra stuff. She does have a dinner break, where she'll come home and eat with us. I'm not sure what - if anything - we're all going to do. The pickings around here for Sunday evening events are quite slim, and I really don't want to spend $50 going to Kennywood for the light show. Hopefully I'll be able to keep the kids from killing each other until bedtime. Pictures to follow.

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