Thursday, December 13, 2012

Trip Preparations

Tomorrow, I'll leave work at 11:30 and head to Rodef. They're doing a Channukah play, and The Boy apparently has a decent speaking part. I'm looking forward to it, not the least because Little Bear's class made "menorahs" out of candy bars, lifesavers, and chocolate "candles." The Wife is driving me back and forth to work so that I will have the time to get to the play. We'll go home, load the car, and The Boy, Little Bear, and I will leave for my father's house in New Jersey.

Should be an interesting trip - this is the first time that I've travelled with Little Bear without The Wife. Both boys are really, really excited about the trip - they can't wait to see Grandpa. Grandpa, meanwhile, has been really cute - I think I've spoken to him almost every day about the arrangements he's making for the boys. I think he's more nervous than anything else! I know he wants this to be a perfect weekend.

Of course, it won't - it's impossible to have a perfect weekend. It'll be a family weekend, and that's just ideal. I'm sure there will be fights, obnoxious comments, tantrums, a potty accident or two, some sleep difficulties, and a meltdown during the car rides back and forth. That's par for the course. I just hope it will be memorable with all the right things - presents, trees, lights, food, and games.

I still have a lot to do for the trip. I have to wrap presents, GET presents for my nieces and father, pack clothes for myself and the boys, and load the car. I'll get that done tonight after work (tonight's my late night, and Grandma's having a Channukah party, so it'll be a later night that usual. Sigh).

Last night, we had a funny story. The Wife had quartet rehearsal, so I put the boys to bed. The Boy fell asleep in our bed watching Classical Baby, so I put a night diaper on him and put him in his bed. Little Bear was up later (late afternoon nap), but The Wife put him to bed eventually. The Baby fell asleep, and The Wife and I embarked downstairs to clean and straighten and prepare for the trip.

Around 11-ish, The Baby woke up and wanted Mum. So, she went upstairs. She called down, "Did you put The Boy in his bed? Because he's in ours right now." I asked her to check if he was in a night diaper, and that I'd be up to move him in a minute (I was putting up curtain rods in the computer room). She said no, and I asked her to put one on him.

She called down a minute later, "I checked that little bottom, and it was bonier than usual. It's not The Boy, but Little Bear!" That was funny - how we assumed that it was The Boy.

Reading that back, it's not that funny. I guess you had to be there. Still, it was entertaining to us. And, not to keep you in suspense - The Boy beat me to my bed. He snuck into the bedroom while I was taking a shower and took my place in bed.

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