Friday, January 25, 2013

Baby Naming

This weekend, we're going to head out to Harrisburg. Aunt M's daughter had a baby girl a couple of weeks ago, and her religious baby naming is Sunday morning. Grandma and Grandpa are funding a hotel room for us (wonder if it'll be a problem to sleep all five in one hotel room... ha ha ha). It should be a fun weekend - the car trip is not long (only 3 hours) but long enough to be exciting, and it's be nice to travel to Harrisburg when there isn't a major religious holiday.

Side note: I'm really hoping to eat at Neato Burrito, finally! I don't know if it's any good - as a matter of fact, I'm sure that it can't possibly be as good as I'm expecting. But, with a name like "Neato Burrito," it's worth a shot.

I'd like to say we're lucky because the boys travel well, but there really isn't that much luck involved. I know that I, for one, travel poorly: poor span of attention, constant need for media stimulation, and a dislike of being cooped up in a car. The kids, on the other hand, have been ported around since birth, particularly heading to Harrisburg. We make multi-hour car trips multiple times per year, so it isn't a strange thing for them. We try to actively engage their imaginations: sing songs, talk, play the games that the carseats allow, listen to audiobooks, and try to start travelling close to naptime.

I'm sure that it'll be different when they're older and more independent, with their own friends and interests and activities; it's tough to travel when a kid is in high school and has stacks of homework, sports and musical events, and friends / girlfriends / boyfriends (hey, it's 2013, could be either girlfriends or boyfriends) to juggle. But, while they're a captive audience and still REALLY INTO their parents, we're going to set a precendent.

We're steadfast against putting the tv screen in the car. They don't need to ALWAYS have a tv show playing. We have tv-type stuff for them to listen to: Sesame Street's "Silly Songs" video is one that plays very well without seeing the pictures, in particular. Same thing with Disney's "Singalong Songs" series. We do not want to train them that travel always means watching tv.

(Having said that, we did watch an episode or two of Batman: The Brave and the Bold when I was travelling solo with the two older boys, on the iPad. But, it was around 8 o'clock at night, on route 78 in eastern Pennsylvania, when there was nothing to see outside of the car. Different situation. With a second adult in the car, there is someone to engage bored and potentially cranky / mischievious children.)

The time in Harrisburg should be nice. I like babies, particularly when I can hand them back when they start to cry (which, with the notable exception of sons #2 and 3, rarely happens with me). The ceremony is at the JCC, which I know has an awesome playset in the back of the building - we spent a couple of hours there during one of the last religious holidays, while we were waiting for the Orthodox services to end. It might be too cold to play for long, but something tells me that we'll spend some time there. The Boy is just like me and doesn't really get cold; Little Bear, who takes after my wife and has a bodyfat percentage in the negative numbers, tends to freeze into a block of ice fairly quickly. The Baby is also indifferent to the cold, as evidence by the fact that he's wandered outside in bare feet in under-50-degree weather without complaining several times.

Can't wait for the trip.

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