Thursday, January 17, 2013

Blue Slide Park

This past weekend was an amazing weekend out here in Pittsburgh. Jack Frost fell asleep at the wheel, and it was a solid 50-60 degrees outside. I was at work from 9 until 3, so I didn't get to enjoy the beautiful weather until late in the day.
When I got home from work, The Wife was absolutely finished. She was exhausted and not feeling well; somehow, she managed to gut her way through singing the morning services. I left her home to rest, threw the kids in the car, and met Grandpa at the Blue Slide Park.

We love the Blue Slide Park - I've blogged about it quite a bit since we got out to Pittsburgh. The only downer? The blue slide itself was slightly damp and not enough of a smooth surface to slide down. Other than that, it was a pretty amazing afternoon.

The older boys, physically, are not as far apart as the 22-month age difference; we know that's because of the chemo and side effects. We were fortunate in finding a caring and patient physical therapist who helped The Boy a lot, but he has the athletic abilities of his mother's side of the family (not much). Little Bear, on the other hand, seems to have inherited my athletic ability (still not much, but I'm above average in terms of strength and speed). Watching the boys climb and run and slide and play was interesting.

The Boy definitely runs faster and is stronger than his brother; he's just not quite as coordinated as Little Bear. The Boy also has a better idea of strategy than his brother: he is able to plan pursuit / evasion a little bit better.

The Baby, meanwhile, doesn't see a difference between his brothers and himself. He thinks he's three years old, so he runs right along after them, tries to climb the same things, and plays the same games. It's very cute. He spent most of his time with Grandpa; he's too young not to have somebody stationed on him. The other two are acceptable in zone defense; as long as I'm aware of where they are, they're usually pretty good.

We were there for an hour and a half before they started to melt down. The Boy, as a final thing, wanted to go for a walk in the woods. We couldn't really do that because of the mud, but we did go walking down the jogging/bicycling path for a quarter mile or so.

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