Friday, January 4, 2013


For some reason, the posts that I input using Blogspot's text editor aren't containing the enter-key hits at the ends of paragraphs. Sigh. That's unfortunate, because I use that as a timing and a pausing tool in my storytelling. Comedy (and what I write is, very loosely, a form of light comedy) relies heavily on timing. That's hard to do when writing - the only way to show timing, that I've discovered, is space. Sigh.

Last night, I met The Wife at Grandma's house. She had a rehearsal, so Grandma and Grandpa were watching the boys. The Wife wanted me to snag a wooden bookcase to bring to the house, and I needed her help with the car seats in the car. I put the bookshelf in the car; The Boy helped me a little bit, by opening the doors in front of me and closing them behind me. He did a really good job, and he didn't need me to tell him what to do once I asked for his help. That's a nice feeling.

Little Bear was in the midst of an epic meltdown. I'm not entirely sure what triggered it; I think he might have fallen down and hurt himself. He screamed for about ten minutes at Grandma's house, screamed all the drive home, and screamed all the way through a bath and changing into his pajamas. He calmed down when he played The Simpsons: Tapped Out with me on my iPad, which was kind of funny. I'm glad I know my children well enough to know how to distract them from an issue.

He spent the entire night with us. During the freakout, he was complaining of ear pain in one of his ears: "Daddy, this ear hurts. Not this one - this ear doesn't hurt. But this ear hurts." He still has that awful, dreadful cough that he's had for weeks. He'll probably go to the doctor's office today to get it checked out; he doesn't complain of pain often (besides a boo-boo on his finger or knee that he'll discuss for weeks, but that's entirely different).

The Boy started developing a similar kind of cough as Little Bear has, which is concerning. They both stayed home from school today. There's a Tot Shabbat tonight, and we're hoping to bring whichever healthy boys to the fun. I'm not sure how optimistic I am about those prospects, but we'll see.

I showed The Boy the first couple minutes of the Rankin-Bass "The Hobbit" from 1977. Growing up, I think I must have watched that a hundred times if I watched it once. I'll show him a little more tonight at bedtime and see what he thinks. It's scary, but in a 1970's kind of way, which is very different from today.

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