Wednesday, January 23, 2013


So, here I sit, at 10:30 at night. I'm tired - more mentally than physically - but I don't really want to go to sleep right now. I know I really should, because I have a full day at work tomorrow and the kids went to bed early, which means they'll likely be awake at 6am or so. But, I still don't want to go to sleep.

It's been a pretty good week. I had off on work on Monday, so we had a great family kind of day. We had a nice breakfast at home and played superheroes for a nice chunk of the early morning. (Belay that - that's what I did. The Wife also let me sleep until a little after 9, which gave me a solid 10-plus hours of sleep.) We took the kids to Jumpzone, which is a play place up in Alison Park. It's basically a large warehouse full of those inflatable things that the kids climb up and slide down. The children sprinted around like maniacs for about three hours. It was all kinds of awesome: they had a Batman obstacle course and slide, a slide shaped like a fire truck,and a couple of similar things.

The Boy played air hockey against a couple of different kids, which was pretty cool to see. The first game, he got creamed by a boy who was about nine. The second game, he played a girl who was probably about six - maybe five. He lost that one, too, but it was 6 to 5 and close all the way through. I can honestly say that I've never rooted harder for a game of air hockey. I think I was supportive for both kids - complimentary when either kid made a nice shot or a nice block - but, inside, I was pulling hard for The Boy.

Afterwards, we went to the Original Pancake House for lunch. It made me happy because they had short stack options on the menus, which meant that the portion sizes were actually reasonable and appropriate instead of three meals' worth. The boys kind of drowsed their way home in the car and dozed their way through Kung Fu Panda. At night, Little Bear and I made an emergency trip to Dunkin Donuts before my quartet rehearsal.

The weekend was good, but a little rough. The Wife was working for most of the weekend, which left a lot of parenting on my plate. (Remember, boys and girls: if they're your kids, it's not babysitting. It's parenting.) Nobody was sleeping at night at all, and Saturday and Sunday had 5:30am wakeup calls by the children. Thankfully, Grandma and Grandpa let the older boys and I nap while they watched The Baby on Saturday while The Wife had rehearsal, which was probably the single event that allowed us to survive the weekend.

Work has been pretty great this week. I won "associate of the year" for my team, which is a pretty cool honor. High honor, too, because we have the best team in our department (we've won top team honors six of the last seven months). After having been there for a year, I'm still thrilled by the people with whom I work. Nice people and smart people, which are the types of people with whom I like to associate.

I think I just heard The Boy wake up, use the bathroom, and climb into my bed. Sigh. Five in a bed night again, I think.

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