Monday, January 7, 2013

We Has Met The Enemy

Our children are us. Particularly at such a young age, where Mommy and Daddy are their entire world, our children are us. It's a little frightening to see, because our fondest hopes as parents involve our children transcending some or all of our personality issues and quirks. You know, improving the next generation. Sometimes it doesn't work that way.

The Boy has discovered his first real video game: something he can play independently and for no educational or exercise (Nintendo Wii) reason. It's a platform game similar to Sonic the Hedgehog based around Lightning McQueen and the Cars 2 movie. He played the game this weekend for an hour or so, and I was listening to him while he played. He made the exact same exclamations and expressions of frustration that I have when I'm playing the games. My wife spent the weekend laughing at me.

Good news? He wasn't cursing at the game. Yet. That'll come, I'm sure. He's got my temper.

We took down the Christmas decorations, and everyone was a little sad. On the good news front, The Boy helped me carry the boxes of decorations upstairs to be placed in the attic! He can't carry the full-sized boxes; the plastic bins are about half his height, which makes stairs tricky and a bit dangerous. He still helped, enthusiastically.

Last night, while the kids were taking their bath, I was lifting weights. The Boy came downstairs and announced that he was going to exercise with me. It was very cute. I was doing squats / bench press / military press last night, which was a little tricky to do with him. So, I taught him deadlifts, with reasonable form. We used my curling bar - a 15 pound curvy-bar. When he remembered to keep his tushy down and to stand up straight at the end, he did them quite well.

I told him he'd be the strongest boy in his class, and he appreciated that. Next trick: teaching him that it takes years of continuous work to make significant progress in strength. I know that I've been a weightlifter, more on than off, since 1999. I also know that I basically stopped lifting when Little Bear was born because of the difficulty of juggling The Boy's treatment. I started and stopped a bit over the three years previous, but this is the most sustained lifting I've done since then.

It's amazing how quickly you lose it and how quickly the overall strength levels deteriorate. I was doing 300 pound bench presses for multiple reps when Little Bear was born; now, I feel great if I'm doing 175 pound presses. I'll get most of it back, I think, but I'm not sure if 300 pounds is going to be in the mix without some significant increase in my lifting time.

Still, it's very cute to see him do that. I'd love to lift weights with the boys as they grow up. We already train them to eat well and prepare simple, healthy meals for them. Next step: if exercise is a part of the regular lives at a young age, I'm hopeful that they'll keep that throughout adulthood.

End note: the baby sitting on the potty, which he dragged into the hallway for some reason.


Sarah said...

Still no gaming system in our house, except for the DS I've had up on the shelf in my closet, largely untouched since having kids. LOL.

Great on the lifting. I am working on gradually increasing my weights, but I use the Cybex strength training machines, so it's resistance training. I feel cool when I can do 130 lbs on the seated leg press, but I'm sure it's because it's my legs and not my arms.

Sarah said...

Ah, but just had a thought: one thing the kids have discovered that IS from DH's childhood? Scooby Doo. They spent over an hour last night watching old episodes on Youtube.