Friday, February 1, 2013

Fatherhood and Video Games

A couple of weeks ago, we finally brought over the Wii and an old television set (the tv that my parents gave me to take to Michigan back in 1999, as a quasi-graduation present). The boys have become quite excited by playing the games, and Wii Bowling has become a definite favorite. They play reasonably often, and The Boy, in particular, is just about old enough to turn everything on and navigate to the correct area.

On Wednesday night, The Wife went up to a nearby school district (where she's hoping to land a job this offseason) to help out with an elementary school orchestra concert. The boys and I hung out after work, and they requested to play Wii. No problem.

I've always been really, really good at video games. I pick things up really quickly, and I have a certain amount of hand-eye coordination. I haven't played an awful lot over the last few years, mostly because staying stationary playing console games while the children are mobile is simply not an option. But, there is a certain amount of ability there.

The Boy, meanwhile, trashed me in two consecutive games of Wii Bowling. He set his two highest scores ever - 184 and 185. The first game, he beat me by 11 pins. The second game, by two pins.

My ego's been having a difficult time taking this. Getting walloped by a five-year-old is a little dicey to take. On one hand, I'm kind of proud that my son seems to be taking after me and has some prowess with video games. On the other hand, there is NO WAY I should be beaten soundly by my preschool son.

I know, I know... he's played it more (this was my fourth-ish game of Wii bowling, like, ever), he's played it more recently, etc. That's bunk. This is the same kid that, two weeks ago, didn't know if the bowling ball was going towards the pins or going behind him. To make matters worse (or, actually, better), he bowled the second game in a Batman mask and cape.

I also realize that, relatively soon, I will be fourth-best in the house at video games. It's a young person's thing. I just didn't think it would be this soon.

Little Bear did well - around a 120 in the first game, a 100 in the second game (he lost focus in the middle of that one and was done quickly).

Excuse me. I'm going to go home tonight and practice Wii Bowling.

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