Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Injury Report

Pittsburgh (AP): Right handed starting pitcher Grandma has been placed on the 15-day disabled list, retroactive to Monday, with what is being called a fractured shoulder in her non-pitching arm. The team physician notes that it's a "clean break," and she should resume baseball activities from 15-20 days from Monday.The Pirates have called up AAA left-hander Jeff Locke to take her starts in the rotation in the meanwhile.

Grandma slipped on the ice coming out of Grady's house and broke her shoulder. She heard the snap of the bone, so she got in the car to drive home. Her doctor lives further down her street; so, upon reaching her house, she decided to drive down to the doctor's office. "Nobody is going to tell me that I didn't consult my primary care physician before going to the emergency room." She was then taken by Ford Taurus to the local hospital, where x-rays were performed.

Grandma is expected to make a full recovery, and the doctors guess that she'll be throwing off a mound again by March 1.


In all seriousness, she's okay. Well, not okay - she's got a broken shoulder - but it's being cared for. She is, in the old school parlance, a "Tough Broad," as evidenced by driving herself to the doctor's office. Don't forget: this is the same lady that drove herself back and forth to her chemotherapy appointments. This is the same general mental toughness that allowed The Boy to sit quietly and not react (by screaming) when his port was accessed or when a blood sample is given (unlike his father, who screams like a toddler).

It'll make things difficult for a while - I don't think I can undersell exactly how much Grandma does for us! Particularly since The Wife is subbing four times in the next few weeks... when you're short one wing, it's hard to chase after three healthy, active little boys. It's difficult to explain to a toddler why Grandma can't give snuggles, either. Fortunately, she's expected to make a full recovery and not need much in terms of therapy and rehabilitation, although there will doubtless be some PT (particularly if the health insurance covers it).

So, send a few prayers Grandma's way for a quick recovery. The Wife has already made some pasta and meatballs and some Jewish pencillin for her - some to eat now, some frozen so Grandpa & Grandma don't have to worry about food for a few days.

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