Saturday, March 2, 2013

Weekend Update

The Boy went to the dentist at Children's Hospital a couple of weeks ago because he had a cavity and a baby tooth that needed a cap. He got the laughing gas and some novocain, which didn't go over particularly well - nobody likes the novocaine, amirite? In the process of putting the cap on the tooth, the tooth just cracked apart. So, it had to be pulled. Lucky him. I realize that we don't want to keep the expectation of an action figure for every tooth lost, but I figure that special occasions require special rewards. I mean, it's a little more traumatic and painful (for me, who was watching, if not for him, who was loopy) than a normal loose tooth situation. He got another action figure: The Joker, under the situation of "you never have enough bad guys for your good guys to fight." He's registered for kindergarten now, which is a little frightening and wonderful. We're going to our neighborhood school at this point - we were only waitlisted at one of the magnets to which we applied - but we've got a neighborhood school that is quite good. The Boy took a tour of the school and was quite excited to do so. The Baby is starting to wake up dry from naps / nighttime sleep, which is exciting. The trick, then, is to stop lollygagging and get him onto the potty soon after waking. If you try to hit the snooze button or delay or anything like that, he's going to pee. The Wife is deciding to start the potty training right after Aunt W's wedding in April, which will be a good time. He's becoming much more communicative, with an expansive vocabulary. He loves to come up to me with a superhero cape and have me put it on him, saying, "Fly! Fly! Fly!" Of course, I pick him up and fly him like Superman ("Soup-Man!") around the house, landing him on the couch or something like that. Little Bear is... well, Little Bear. He's worn the Superman costume for a couple of days straight right now, including to My Little Outback for a birthday party today. "I'm brave and strong, Daddy!" I certainly have no doubt about that. The boys helped me organize my comics last weekend, sorting them into the piles - Fantastic Fours over there, Avengers over there, Justice League over there. They enjoyed looking at all of the cool covers, although they weren't very good at getting them into the plastic cover bags. That's okay. You have to start somewhere. For Purim, they were The Incredibles. The Boy pretended to be Violet, Little Bear was Dash, and The Baby was Jack-Jack. I'm entertained by that.

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