Friday, April 26, 2013

Three Boys

This morning, I had breakfast with Little Bear and The Baby. The Boy was doing his usual morning thing: lollygagging getting dressed.

Little Bear wanted two frozen waffles, and he specifically requests "pizza waffles." This means, I cut it into 8 "slices" like I do a pizza. (I do not add sauce and cheese. Pizza Waffles merely refers to the manner in which they're cut. That's just about the right size for him.

The Baby is tricky at breakfast time. About half the time, he does not want to eat anything. He'll play with whatever food is put in front of him, then he'll wander off into the living room and find some toys. Most of the time, unless we go out to breakfast, I just give him a little bit of cereal in a bowl with a little bit of milk, hand him a spoon, and he entertains himself for a while. Occasionally he'll eat with the spoon, occasionally with his fingers. If he finishes the cereal, he will drink milk from the

bowl. It's very, very cute.

Little Bear finished breakfast early and excused himself, leaving The Baby alone with me, and we had a nice conversation. I told him about Aunt W's wedding this weekend, and he politely pretended to pay attention. His response, after I was done: "Daddy.... cow goes MOOO!" It was very cute. He then told me, "Elephant.... " and then did his best elephant sound. He also said, "Hi, doggie, woof woof!" It was very cute, and the longest conversation I've had with him.


Little Bear is definitely the sensitive one in the family. It's very cute, but we have to be careful sometimes how we speak with him. A couple of nights ago, he was feeling a little giddy after dinner, and he wandered into the kitchen and called me a name - something not-quite-silly, like "stupidhead" or something like that. It definitely wasn't something like "stinker" or "silly" or the other gentle names that we use with the kids. I was sweeping the kitchen at the time, and I shooed him out of the kitchen with the broom. "Out of here until you speak to me nicely."

The Wife caught him in the living room and spoke with him for a minute, saying that the thing that he called me was hurtful and that he shouldn't hurt Daddy's feelings. She guided him to the kitchen to apologize. I picked him up, hugged him, told him I loved him, and that the name hurt my feelings and wasn't nice. He burst into tears for a few minutes, because he was quite sad that he had hurt my feelings. He really does mean well.


The Boy has been cute at bedtime lately. He's made "pajamas" out of Trio blocks for the large Elmo doll that we have floating around the house, and he tucks Elmo into bed. The stories for the past couple of days have been various Elmo stories from the iPads. It's quite cute, even though I'm kind of surprised that he's still into the whole Elmo thing. His tastes are really quite innocent, which is occasionally perplexing to me. This is a boy who loves superheroes, but loves Batman Brave and the Bold and the Superfriends - you know, where the basic most violet thing that happens is Superman punching a robot or something like that. He's still very much into Daniel Tiger and stuff like that.

And, then I show him the trailer for Man of Steel and Iron Man 3 and similar movies, of which he really enjoyed. Loved the Star Trek 2 trailer even more than those two. He doesn't really want to go see them - "I think I'll like them when I'm 6, Daddy, but I might be too little right now" - but he likes the (all ages) previews. He's an interesting kid like that; I honestly think that he's got a pretty darn good idea of what is age-appropriate and inappropriate for him.

I'm sure that'll be annoying as heck when he's 13 and getting caught sneaking into rated R movies. Sigh.


Tomorrow, while we're waiting for wedding stuff to happen, I'm going to take the boys on a fundraising walk, which is in Superhero costumes. I'm kind of stoked about that. I'm really, really hoping that they'll want to go as The Incredibles kids, because we have 3 matching costumes. After that, we'll have to hoof it back to the temple pretty quickly, but that's acceptable.

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