Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tooth Fairy

On the good news front, The Boy lost another tooth yesterday. It's the lower middle tooth; he had lost the other one. The Tooth Fairy completely forgot to visit last night; looks like he got a little distracted by the Officers' Installation Dinner for his chorus and it entirely slipped his mind. Sigh.

Not really sure what I'm going to do for the tooth fairy this time around. I think I'm still going to go with the action figures, mostly because I have a big trunk of them thanks to Uncle B. I'm fairly sure that there's enough for all the kids' baby teeth - at least for the first two. Granted, there might come a time when they'd rather have money - we'll see.

We haven't discussed the money thing with them. They know what it is, and they know that I go to work to get more, but that's about it. We haven't started any of them on an allowance yet. If they've wanted something, they ask for it. If we can afford it, we'll get it - maybe not right away, because that's how to find good birthday gifts. If it's something that's too expensive, we'll explain it to them and see if there are any alternatives - like, making our own costumes and that sort of thing. I know that we eventually have to do the money thing with them, but I'm in no rush. Let them live in blissful ignorance for a little while.

Kindergarten, we'll probably start the boys on an allowance. Do your chores, earn your allowance. I think that's pretty fair, although I'm willing to remove chores from the allowance discussion - there's some thought that the two are separate because household chores should be done without the expectation of a reward. I mean, SOMEONE has to clean their room / load the dishwasher / scrape dishes / clean bathroom / whatever they eventually wind up doing. I'm not sure I buy that, but I do understand the rationale behind it. It's more important for me to help teach them some responsibility to use their money.

One would hope that, considering that my job responsibilities revolve around credit, that I'd eventually do a good job of teaching my kids how to be financially conservative and careful of their credit. Just because their credit card has a $5,000 limit doesn't mean that you SHOULD spend the $5,000.

Interesting thoughts for the day.

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