Saturday, May 18, 2013

Cleveland and Back Again

Thursday night in the hospital as fairly easy. Since he had been sleeping on and off for a big chunk of the day (getting your fluids drained down to, well, nothing is surprisingly tiring), he was up for a good chunk of the evening. We played and drew and used iPad and did the normal Daddy and The Boy thing. Around 12:30, he asked me to play a comic book game on my iPhone, to which he fell asleep. I was asleep a bit later than that and woke every other hour when the nurse came in to check vitals. Twice during that time, I changed and cleaned The Boy's diaper (he slept in a real diaper because he was pooping uncontrollably and copiously). I was up for good around 5:30, when the beeping to change the IV bag went unattended for five minutes or so. Sigh. The Wife got to me late, but I got to work by 9am.

That night, I was supposed to head out to Cleveland for the Sweet Adeline convention. I was supposed to get there for the end of the quartet contest, have the chorus contest and show Saturday, celebrate and network and stuff afterwards, then head home Sunday morning. That obviously changed. The Wife and I maintain strong communication all day Friday to determine what my plans would actually be. I hate the thought of leaving The Boy in the hospital and leaving town, but, as she put it, I went to contest while he was getting chemo. Why would I stay home for something correspondingly less serious? No real argument.

So, I went out to the contest. I did spend and hour at the hospital first, relieving Grandpa and - you guessed it - cleaning up more poo. I got to Cleveland around 9:30, checked in, rehearsed with the chorus and went to bed. Woke up the next morning, ran on the treadmill, did the contest thing, finished second in the region (to my deep shock, surprise, and lifelong pleasure), recapped with my chorus, then went back directly to the hospital.

The Boy is in much, much better spirits and better health. He's happy and playful and active (sort of). He was coloring when I got there, and he said that he got to play with Guru, from my quartet. Hooray! He also watched Wreck It Ralph about six times. He and I roughhoused a little bit (VERY gently), we read some stories, and played some video games together. He just fell asleep around 11:15. He requested that I sleep in the bed with him, which I'm considering except for the facts:

1) He's not three anymore, and while he's grown, the beds have stayed the same size, and

2) I don't want what he's got. I was in the hospital already within the last year, and I don't want to be there again.

I'm probably going to take the couch again.

We are hopeful that he'll be released tomorrow. They need to see him off fluids and eating for 12 hours. They're measuring ins (food/drink) and outs (he poops into an asshat. Not kidding, that's the name), and as soon as the ins outweigh the outs....

I guess there is at least a decent chance that he's in for another night. We'll see.

2nd place. Hee hee. I'm tickled.

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