Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Daddy Rules

So, The Boy is just starting to really GET the concept of video games. He still enjoys the fun letter and educational games that we have on all of our various iDevices, but he's also starting to enjoy playing some of the game-games. There's a neat endless runner game that stars the Peanuts gang on a rollar coaster; another runner game that stars Mike and Sully from Monsters, Inc; and Super Mario Party, a Wii-based "board game" with lots of neat little minigames.

He's not very good at them yet. He hasn't developed the hand-eye coordination and the gaming reflexes that I have. It's fun watching him play, but he gets frustrated and asks for help on occasion. That's kind of smart, because I'm good at video games. That's not really bragging; I've been playing them my whole life. I have a fast learning curve, and I figure out the games' patterns quickly. I mean, there are very few NEW video games. Once you figure out the basic movement patterns for the five or six types, you've got it for all of them.

However, I'm kind of egotistical. So, when The Boy asks me to play, I obliterate his high scores or the computers or whatever. I'm not a jerk about it, and I show him what I'm doing while I'm doing it. When I'm done, I say to him, "And, The Boy, who rules?" His response: "Daddy rules!" It's our Thing.

This past weekend, at Aunt C's, we played Fruit Ninja on the XBox Kinect. Fruit Ninja is a neat game, where you use your "sword" (in this case, your hand) to cut the fruit flying across the screen while avoiding the bombs. The kinect is pretty cool: it's movement based gaming without having to have a controller, and the boys were having fun flailing their arms and legs as fast as they could while playing. I've played this game before, so I know what to do, and I was in the process of setting a console high score.

The Boy turned to Mum and said, "My Daddy rules. Did you know that?" She rolled her eyes, and I informed The Boy that, indeed, she know. Why else would she marry me?

It's good to know that I'm training them correctly. Daddy rules, indeed.

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