Friday, May 24, 2013

Easy night

We checked out the music school yesterday. It's in the Waldorf School, which is a beautiful old building on the other end of town - about three blocks from Children's, actually, which is a little cool. The building itself was built in the 1860's, which is a good and a bad thing. It's a good thing because of the beautiful moldings and wainscotting through the place. It's a bad thing because... well... old stuff like that that's used as hard as schools are used are rarely as nice as they should be. Still, they do an awesome job keeping it maintained, and I liked looking around.

The school of music rents out a fourth floor wing and consists of an office and about fifteen practice rooms. Most of them have a piano; some don't, because they need the room (quartets and such). There were a handful of teachers doing lessons. I took The Baby for a walk around the place while The Boy and Little Bear spoke with one of the teachers and watched some of a violin lesson. They do Suzuki there.

The Boy now says that he wants to play violin instead of piano. We're not sure if that's because he authentically wants to play it or if it's just the primacy-recency theory - it's the thing he's seen the most recent, so it's on his mind. After a few more days of discussion, we'll see what's on his mind. Little Bear wants to play the violin (same reason), and we kind of don't want the two boys to play the same thing. There's too much sibling rivalry between them, and if one gets significantly better than the other, it's not a good thing. We all understand that it's a stepping stone to another instrument (we hope - too many violin players out there. The world needs more violists and bass players and oboeists and trombonists).

After the school, I stopped at the comic book store on the way home and bought a Peanuts comic for The Boy, who had a great time reading it this morning. Peanuts is quite funny and perfectly appropriate for little boys - I'm going to have to get him some of the old black and white books that I loved as a boy. He originally didn't want to go into the store, but it was pouring rain so hard that he didn't want to stay outside. Still we stopped at Dunkin Donuts to pick up treats for the family and Mum's quartet.

While the quartet was rehearsing, I gave the boys a bath and put them to bed. Here's what I'm most proud of: The Baby fell asleep with me, and I soothed him back to sleep on no less than three occasions last night. He's still definitely a momma's boy: when she climbed into bed, The Baby climbed over to her. But, he's warming up to me more and more. His speaking is coming along quite nicely. This morning, The Wife was giving snacks to the older boys while we were getting in the car, but he didn't get any because his car seat faces backwards: "Eat cheese too, please, Mum!" he said. That's a pretty impressive sentence for a kid who's not even two.

The Boy was really acting up - hitting The Baby, hitting Little Bear, saying mean things to everybody. He got sent to his room three times to cool himself down, which he eventually did. Of course, the retreats to his room were accompanied by loud, dramatic wailing. He was the first to fall asleep, followed by The Baby and then Little Bear. I actually got to go downstairs and do some cleaning and straightening before the rehearsal broke up. Weird, no? We might actually get the three children to sleep somewhat independently by the time they're in college.

Tonight, we leave for Maryland. We'll see Aunt C, the Quad folks, A & S, and a few other people, I'm certain. Should be a fun trip.

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