Thursday, May 16, 2013

Familiar Surroundings

So, Wednesday was considerably easier than Tuesday. Not easy, mind you; just easier.

At the end of the work day, I was starting to feel a little sketchy. I was thinking that I might be catching what The Boy had - was feeling squeamish in the belly, but I was not exploding out of either end, so if I had it, it was a correspondingly minor case. Looking back, I think it was a case of extreme tiredness combined with sympathetic feelings. Either way, at the end of the work day, I went to Big Lots to get some Powerade (in case I did start moving the wrong way) and some pillows (because diarrhea wrecked two pillows, including my pillow).

When I got home from the store, I picked up The Boy to take him to the bathroom, and he felt warm. That comes back later.

The rest of the night was challenging. Little Bear and The Baby went out to dinner with Grandma and Grandpa, and LB fell asleep on the way home. He went right up to bed, and slept until about 9:30. The Baby went to sleep around 9, and I was settling The Boy down to sleep when he puked all over the now-freshly made Daddy's bed. Rookie mistake - left the bucket downstairs when I brought him upstairs. So, we slept in the trundle bed - he wanted the bottom one, I got the top.

At that point, I was nearly delirious from exhaustion. I had sent The Wife no sleep an hour earlier, and Little Bear now decided that he was both awake and needed direct soothing and attention. I tried taking him downstairs to watch some tv (and get some desperately needed sleep), the the extra show and a half didn't help. Eventually, The Wife woke up, put me to bed, and soothed the kids. We slept the night through uneventfully.

Today was somewhat easier - Little Bear and The Baby were in good moods, and The Boy was drinking a little bit of water and holding it in. But, as the day went on, he became progressively more lethargic. Long story short, I left work at 4 and met The Wife and The Boy at the emergency room.

They've pumped a prodigious amount of fluid in him, and he progressed from a limp noodle to a grumpy little boy (not angry, just discomfited). They're keeping him here at night so that they can keep an eye on him - once the fluids start coming in, he started with the diarrhea. And, since Mommy is The Baby's pacifier, she's home with 2 & 3 while I'm here with The Boy.

Only differences: we're on the 7th floor and not the 9th, and we're not VIPs. I'm okay with that. He also asked that I sleep on the couch and not in the bed with him, which is a pretty big change. I'm kind of okay with that; I don't think I would fit, and I don't want to be pooped on.

Interesting conundrum: this weekend is contest weekend for my Sweet Adelines in Cleveland. The good news is that we had reinforcements coming to help because I was planning on being away for the weekend. Nt sure how long I'll be able to stay, with The Boy in the hospital.

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