Monday, May 20, 2013

Home Again

So, Saturday night in the hospital was a heck of lot easier than Thursday night at the hospital. For one thing, the diarrhea was more under control and there was less vomiting, and because of that, the nurse and nurse's assistant were only in the room for two brief visits apiece. That meant that I got almost 90 minutes of uninterrupted sleep on no less than 3 occasions! I was pretty excited about that. The final occasion was just about 90 minutes before the new morning nurse burst in the room with a cheery, loud, "Good morning!"

You'd think that you would know not to do that, but I digress. Up in hem/onc, that nurse would be killed, and I'd probably speak with a supervisor about it, discreetly. In the general populace, it's just idiocy.

So, we had a nice breakfast - made nicer by two facts: 1) The Boy was enthusiastic about eating, for the first time that I'd seen in a few days;

(Side note: Mouse pancakes)

and 2) since he's old enough to manage himself, I was able to run down to the cafeteria and back and get my own breakfast. We watched Wreck It Ralph again (it was on the hospitals on-demand service, so he watched it about four times per day while he was there). The nurse said that we could go down to the playroom for a little while.

The playroom was quite nice. Because it was Sunday morning, there were ample volunteers - six volunteers for The Boy and the only other kid there. Kind of intimidating for the kids, actually. So, The Boy played with some college kids and did some art work with different college kids. He felt paid-attention-to, I suppose. We were told to be back in our room for a final blood draw. Once the results came in, we could go home.

We went back upstairs, obediently at 11, and were told that the blood draw was unnecessary. They were drawing up our discharge papers! I met The Wife at home around noon, we had lunch, and she napped with The Boy while I took Little Bear and The Baby to the park. After naptime, I did some outside work (the lawn was resembling a rain forest at this point) while she entertained the children. The Baby and Little Bear went to sleep early. The Boy was in his bed for an hour or so, but he joined me quickly in our bed. "Daddy, I don't want to sleep alone. I still feel icky."

All in all, not our worst visit, not our best visit. It's reassuring but scary that our "inpatient" muscles reassert themselves so quickly! The violent expulsion from both ends made Thursday and Friday difficult, but things started to come under control on Saturday. We're not out of the woods, yet, but we at least found a path. Back to normal.

But, man, it's easy to forget how freaking exhausting the hospital is.

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