Thursday, May 23, 2013

Music School

This afternoon, we're going to visit a music school that teaches, in the afternoons, in a local private school. The Boy seems to be just about ready (maybe) to start piano lessons again, and we're thinking that having lessons be out of the house - maybe with other kids around, to be more social - will trigger his interest. He's a tough nut to crack, very much a creature of momentum, and "ripping" him away from playing with his brothers might not be the best manner of starting his musical education. He's also a creature of routine, so hopefully getting him started on something regular (it's Saturday morning, it's time for music classes) will help him. We'll see. I'm always a worst-case-scenario person, so I'm hopefully this will be better than that. Little Bear has started with the holding-the-violin and pushing-the-bow thing, which is kind of cool. I think he'll be ready, earlier, than The Boy. He's not ready yet, but I don't predict that it'll be as much of a struggle. He sung more than The Boy did as an infant; he probably sung the most of the three boys. The Baby was a tad more vocal than Little Bear, but I think Little Bear actually sung / vocally experimented a bit more. I really want my kids to be proficient musicians. I don't want them to pursue music as a career - not much of a retirement plan, you know? - but I do want them to be able to play and to sing. My ideal would be to have the three boys sing in a quartet with me. I'd kill to have them in contest with me as a quartet! (There was a dad with his three sons at the contest in April, and it was such a wonderful, heart-warming thing. The fact that they were really nice - and really good - only made it that much cooler.) I want them to be able to sit down at a piano and noodle a bit. I want them to be able to pick up an instrument and play, if they'd like. I know that I'll gleefully join the local barbershop chorus if one or more of the boys would sing with me. The family went to the zoo this afternoon while I was at work, and the skies just opened up in an incredible deluge. So, they're soaking wet, and Mum didn't pack any extra outfits for the big boys. Oh, well... damp children at the music school today. I'm sure they're not the first. Little boys tend to accumulate dirt and moisture from everywhere. I always thought Pig Pen, from Peanuts, was an exaggeration, but he isn't. My children can walk, perfectly clean, into a sterile clean room and walk out with dirty faces.

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