Monday, May 13, 2013

Potty Weekend

This next month is going to be quite busy for us. This coming weekend, I'm heading to Cleveland from Friday until Sunday for the Sweet Adelines Region Convention. Next weekend, which is Memorial Day weekend, we're heading to Maryland to visit some family and some friends. The following weekend, I've got a chorus coaching from 9-3; and, also, I'm going to be starting to work on Saturdays every three or four weeks as well with my new position. So, when The Wife texted me on Friday morning and said, "We need to start potty training The Baby soon, before he starts to develop an attitude about it," I responded with, "It's either now or the end of June." She responded with, "I'm putting the diapers away."

For anyone who wasn't reading me two years ago when we did the same thing with Little Bear: basically, the theory is that if a child is consistently waking up from sleep and from naps dry, then they have the ability to control their functions well enough to potty train. So, we spent this weekend chasing after a baby and checking his tiny, tiny little underpants for wet spots every five minutes or so. Friday, it was a 15% success rate. Saturday, it was a 30% success rate. Sunday, it was a 40% success rate. Today, a little bit better. It's a process. The Wife has been setting the stage for it for a while, because she (or I) would take The Baby to his little potty right after waking up to sit for a little while to develop that habit. Four days out of five, he would hold it for the potty. If we waited too long after him waking, forget about it.

Now, for The Boy, we did wait until around the "traditional time" of around three years old for boys, but we had a good reason for doing it - Chemo Pee. That stuff getting on his skin and clothes, and getting on the skin and clothes of his caretakers, would be a Seriously Bad Thing.

There's no really good time to start this sort of thing, but we definitely did want to wait until after the wedding. So, bam. Better now than waiting until he develops a conscious attachment to the diaper and an aversion to the potty.

Friday night was a brutal night for all of us, as Little Bear developed a cough and a bit of a fever that kept him awake for most of the night. The Baby also slept fitfully, which didn't help matters. They kept waking each other up.

Saturday was kind of a rough day. The Wife and The Baby slept an extra couple of hours in the morning, and the older boys and I played quietly and watched some shows. I won't say that I threatened my older sons to keep them quiet while their mother was sleeping, but I did warn them quite enthusiastically. The Wife was going to go to a Bat Mitzvah for the kid of a friend, but because of the potty training, she decided to stay home. After lunch, The Wife and Little Bear and The Baby lay down for their nap. "I'm not tired," The Boy said, I said, "I know, come watch some Despicable Me with me. If you still want to play in about twenty minutes or so, I'll come out and play with you." That seemed a reasonable compromise, so he snuggled in and went out like a light for the next 3.5 hours.

Best part? When he woke, he gave me the stinkeye. "I really wanted to stay awake, Daddy."

The Boy, Little Bear, and I were supposed to go see Tarzan, the musical, downtown on Saturday night. Because Little Bear had a fever and that awful, awful, painful, wracking cough, he had to stay home. After some negotiations, Grandma suggested that The Wife take his seat as an early mother's day present. So, the three of us went to the show. The neat bit was that The Boy picked dinner - and he picked Indian food. He really loved the paneen nan, too (pita with a special cheese baked inside). The show was a smashing success, particularly since The Boy got itchy and wanted to head home soon into the second act. I gave him the song list from the programs, and he felt comfortable counting down the songs until the end.

Little Bear was pretty heartbroken that he couldn't go. We'll do something really nice with him, too. He was still awake when we got home at 11-ish, and nobody really slept in yesterday.

Mother's Day was a nice, simple, easy day, which was a little irritating to The Wife, I think. Mother's Day and Father's Day are difficult when the kids are that small, as there's no real way to give either parent special, pampering treatment - and, neither one of us is really one to want that sort of thing. We had breakfast at home, and she took the older boys to swimming lessons; Little Bear's cough was down enough that we thought swimming lessons were a go for him. Lunchtime was a picnic at Grandma's house, and The Wife and The Baby took a nice nap in the afternoon. When they got up, we went to a nice playground for an hour (The Baby hadn't pooped yet on Sunday, so how do we get the bowels loosened? Go to a playground. Sure enough, five minutes into the playing....) then to Eat'n'Park for a quiet (ha!), romantic (what?) Mother's Day


Little Bear and The Boy were asleep by about 8. The Baby was awake until after 10. Sigh.

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