Thursday, May 2, 2013

Summertime and the Wedding

This week, it's finally starting to turn the corner into summertime. It's a marvelous time of year, because Little Bears asks every morning, so hopefully: "Daddy, is today a good day for shorts?" It's the time of year when the "boy bruises" become visible - the bruises, scrapes, nicks, and other marks that show that the boys are playing hard enough. It's also that time of the year when they get that wonderful, heavenly scent at the end of the day - it's their smell, their particular odor, that results from running and playing all day. I love that smell.

(I thoroughly recognize that, soon enough, it turns into normal body odor - but don't rain on my parade. I'll enjoy what I've got while I've got it.)

Last weekend was Aunt W's wedding, and everything went off without a hitch, on my end. From Friday night's services & dinner, to Saturday's luncheon, to Saturday night's big rehearsal dinner, to the wedding itself, the boys were well-behaved and around the guests an appropriate amount - enough to be cute and engaging, but not enough to be distracting and bring the focus away from where it SHOULD be - on W and on Grandma.

Saturday morning, they had a special religious observation for the new bride and groom, and The Wife sang during the service. All reports are that she was marvelous. To allow the grownups space to breathe, I took the boys to a special fundraiser for CASA or CARA - it's a child abuse support service. They had a super hero walk/fun run. They had a 5K for those involved in that, and they had a 1K fun run for the kids. The hook? It was super-hero themed. So, I wore my Lightning McQueen Pit Crew suit (at Little Bear's choice), The Boy dressed like Spider-Man, Little Bear like Superman, and The Baby like Mr. Incredible, muscles included. It was epic. They had Eat'N'Park cookies that you could decorate; the kids weren't into the decorating but WERE into the eating. Matter of fact, an Incredibles-themed cookie kept The Baby busy in the stroller for the duration of the run! The Eat'N'Park Cookie Mascot was there, as was the Pirate Parrot.

Here's Little Bear running, ahead of us as usual:

Here's The Boy running, behind us at his own pace, as usual:

They had a bounce house there, and a photo booth, and some coloring, and some snacks, and lots of other fun things. There also were two epic-sized play structures, but we didn't have time for those. We hung out, did the run, played for a while in the bounce house and photo booth, and went back home to get changed for the lunch.

I really did my best this weekend to monitor the effect that the kids had on the gathering. If they were a little too rowdy, I took them elsewhere and let them run around. If they wanted to sit and eat, they came back. I'm kind of proud of The Boy and Little Bear - they were able to take themselves back and forth from the playroom to the wedding reception, although at one point, I found Little Bear wandering around the Sanctuary, saying, "Hello? Hello? Is anyone there?"

I think he just got a little lost.

The boys really did enjoy getting dressed in their finest all weekend. They enjoyed getting to play in the enclosed playground at the JCC, even if it was meant for Little Bear- and Baby-sized kids and not so much The Boy.

The only meltdown? Picture time before the wedding, done by The Boy. We left immediately after the kids' photos were done and went to Grandma's house (because that is where leftover food was, and our cupboards were bare at home). The Boy and I had a long, long talk about the wedding and what it meant, and I finally got through to him that the pictures weren't about HIM and weren't about ME/MOM. The pictures were about W, and his wedding gift for W would be being in the pictures. I asked him, when someone wanted to take a picture of him, just to smile and to try to be patient. I'm sure we'll get copies of the good pictures, but W and the rest of the family want nice pictures of the boys.

Still, I'm proud of them, particularly proud of The Boy's bounceback for the wedding itself. Walking down the aisle went smoothly. Multiple times during the reception, the photographer wanted to take a picture of him, and he stood still and smiled as asked. It wasn't his A-1 smile, but it was cute enough.

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