Friday, May 10, 2013

Swim, Little Fishies!

Last night, The Wife had another brilliant idea: I should take The Boy and Little Bear swimming so they can show off their hard work at swimming lessons on Sunday mornings. Little Bear was quite excited to go. The Boy was hesitant to go until The Wife (who had been looking forward to a quite evening home with The Baby) said that she's come, also.

We got to the JCC around 6:45 and immediately got changed to swim. The boys really impressed me with their swimming abilities, understanding that they're 3 and 5 and not really independent swimmers. The Boy can paddle around on his own a bit, and Little Bear can push himself off the wall and kick around. Most importantly, though, they're quite comfortable in the water and have no fear of going underwater or getting their faces wet. The Baby quickly grew to believe that he could swim as well and as strongly as his brothers. This lead him to try to venture independently into the water on several occasions. I suppose it's nice that he's not afraid of the water, although there were a few close calls where he almost sank like a stone.

(We all know that fat floats, so a chubby baby SHOULD be more buoyant. Turns out not to be the case. Babies sink quite efficiently)

The only thing that I wish I had brought were some of those flag-stick-ring things that sink to the bottom, so the boys could have had the fun of picking them up off of the bottom. We don't own them, but that might wind up being a good behavior present at some point between now and the start of outside swimming season. I'm sure that The Boy could have grabbed them pretty well. Not so sure about Little Bear, yet, although by the end of the summer - who knows?

It was a really fun evening out. I do not think I would want to bring all three children by myself. Two, yes, but not three. The Baby sinks too quickly and has too little fear. With another person, it's no problem. We'll see what happens over the next couple of years - will The Baby learn to swim faster?

We don't have pictures of this last night, although I wish we did. We didn't think it was smart to bring iPhones into the pool area, for what should be obvious reasons.

The rest of the evening was not as easy as the swimming. Little Bear fell asleep first, being the only child that didn't nap during the day. The Boy got to bed around 10; he did a masterful job of distracting me with a Spider-Man puzzle. The Baby was asleep on top of Little Bear, which was insanely cute, until he rolled off the side of the bed. >THUMP< >SCREAM< is never what you want to hear.The good news for the evening? The Baby started whimpering when I was just getting ready to turn in, so I pulled him onto my chest. He stayed quiet for quite some time. When I woke up this morning, he was cuddled up next to me and on top of me, which is a nice feeling. When I shut my alarm off, he gave me a nice, sleepy smile and reached out for more hugs/snuggles. Definitely hard to hand him to Mum so I could go exercise.

The night in between was difficult. The Boy and Little Bear were coughing madly all night long, to the point where The Wife got up and gave some cough medicine to Little Bear. We were all up at various points. The Boy had gotten up and taken his night pants off at around 1:30 and came in with us; I sent him back to his bed, figuring that, if he was going to wet anything it should be his bed. He came back 3 times before staying there for the rest of the night. He was not happy.

Me neither, for that matter. My belief is that if the kids really want to sleep with us, and if they're nocturnal behaviors (kicking) aren't keeping us from sleeping, then I had no issues if they come to join us. The Boy is still not in control over nighttime urination; not surprising, considering that he's only got about 2/3 of one kidney. Wilms kids, according to my wife, apparently take a little longer to get through wetting the bed. I really didn't want to wake up in a puddle, as has happened a few times before. If he comes in without his night pants at, like, 3:30 or 4, then I'll take that gamble. Not so much at 1:30.

With any luck, tonight will be an early-to-bed kind of night. I've suggested to The Wife that we do a dinner-and-movie night with the kids, to keep things kind of low-key, particularly considering that it's a bit of a rainy sort of Pittsburgh day.

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