Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Three Years Old

Yesterday was a perfect example of Little Bear being - well - three and a half years old.

The Boy was home from school because of the obvious stomach issues, which somewhat limited the abilities of the other children to go out and do much of anything.

While Grandma did sit with The Boy while The Wife took Little Bear and The Baby to the toy library to return some toys and to blow off some steam, they were home most of the day. When Little Bear starts to get cabin fever, he gets mean: pushing, hitting, throwing things at his brothers, talking back, and spitting/hissing at his parents. He is too little to be able to skip his nap as regularly as he does, but he's old enough to willfully resist the nap. Also, when he naps, he tends to be awake until midnight. She finally sent Little Bear to his room to cool off, only to find him curled up in bed, asleep. She only let him sleep fifteen minutes or so; a catnap to relieve some of the pressure.

I stopped home quickly after work to pick up a sandwich, get changed, and go to rehearsal, so I threw Little Bear in the car. We were a trio last night, so I knew it'd be a short rehearsal. He wandered around and explored a bit but got frightened when a big housefly divebombed him in the bathroom. While he was sitting and playing with my phone, the custodian asked, "Can he have an ice cream sandwich?" and gave him one from the school cafeteria. How cool was that? I had been planning to take him to Dunkin Donuts after rehearsal, but he got a neat treat and saved me the calories.

He watched a little bit of the Disney movie Hercules while we sang, and he was excited to hear that the song "Go The Distance," that my quartet sings is from that movie. Good ears by him for noticing that.

He was asking to go home about 45 minutes into rehearsal, which is actually much longer than The Boy lasts. He likes some of our songs, but the rehearsal process is, after all, boring to hear when you're not participating.

Bedtime was kind of challenging, as all three kids hit their second wind around 8pm, when they should have been settling down. However, with some perserverance, we got them to calm down and, one by one, go to sleep. For the first time since The Boy got sick, we had three children asleep at (roughly) a normal hour.

The Boy stayed home from school today - one more day - and will be ready to go back tomorrow. He's eating normally, and everything else is starting to return to normal. We'll see.

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