Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Art Camp and Updates

So, this week, The Boy started Art Camp. It's called "Build Bigger," which sounds really cool. I'm excited to see what he's done. I didn't get a change to talk with him about it yesterday because I had a quartet rehearsal which lasted until late. The Wife told me that, when they first walked in, the kids were instructed to draw something that lays eggs. The Boy chose the Cy-Bugs from Wreck-It Ralph. I don't think I've ever been prouder; the geek acorn doesn't fall far from the tree.

The Baby started preschool today, and it didn't go well. He cried so hard that he puked, which is never a good sign. The Wife spent at least part of the morning with him. Definitely a momma's boy. He'll get used to it, I guess. I still hate to hear that; hopefully he adjusts quickly. I'm

sure it's tearing The Wife up.

Last night's quartet rehearsal was interesting. We spent a lot of time on the song, Go The Distance, which is from the Disney animated movie, "Hercules." That's one of the boys' favorites right now, and the kids listened very carefully to us singing for a long time - almost fifteen minutes before they started to get squirrelly. The Wife herded them upstairs to take a bath, except for The Boy, who sat patiently and waited at the dining room table. Grandma had given him a foam plastic model of a ship that he and I could build, and I told him we would a little bit of it if he was still awake. So, of course, he waited.

We didn't do much - just about five minutes, to glue some pieces together and figure out what the plan was going to be. It was more the stubbornness and the persistence that he showed while waiting. He fidgeted - he's my son - and he asked me a few times how much longer, but he did a really good job of waiting. I was very proud of him, as well.

Little Bear did a good job at camp, as you'd expect. He's old hat at this sort of thing. The thing I'm most pleased about him is that he relates with kids of all ages, younger and older, fairly well.

We took the boys to the Carnegie Library in Oakland's open house to kick off the summer reading program last weekend, and it was a smashing success. Grandpa came, so we had a 1:1 ratio of adults to kids, which was vital. It was an outside event with several thousand people attending, which leads to an awful lot of potential for missing children. The Wife's quartet performed later in the afternoon, which went quite well.

The day itself was a success. The kids had a lot of fun, and Little Bear, The Baby, and I had milkshakes on the way home. Little Bear climbed into a bulldozer (on display, not at a construction site, although that would be cool, too) and went down a big, big slide. He was quite good about waiting in line for the slide, which was a solid 20 minute wait. Not bad for a 3.5 year old! The boys also made silly hats and played games. The used book sale was a disappointment, like last year; two years ago, it was epic.

That probably deserves a discussion about how I don't want to buy regular books, now that I have a small Kindle and an iPad. Storage space, y'know? That'll come later.

Tonight, I'm taking the two older boys to see the Pirates play. It's supposed to be thunderstorming with possible hail. Sigh. I'm hopeful to make it through 3 innings anyway. Let's see what happens.

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