Thursday, June 13, 2013

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

So, the baseball game last night was a qualified success. I'm quite happy about it, particularly considering that the weather report had amazing storms and potential hail(!) for the night. It was a beautiful night - a little too muggy, perhaps, but still a nice night for a ball game.

The Wife picked me up at work, and all three boys were asleep in the back of the car. I transferred 1 and 2 into my car, and she went home with the baby. The boys and I drove downtown to park. My usual parking deck is under construction, so I had to go to an alternate site. That was inconvenient - added about 15 minutes of sitting in traffic - but not awful. We met Grandpa right at the start of the Clemente Bridge around 5:50. Together, we walked across the bridge, which is always fun.

Inside the park, we picked up dinner and found a table in the food court. The boys split a footlong, I had a chicken sandwich, and Grandpa had a hamburger. We split a jumbo sized fries among the four of us. After that, we walked around towards the first base side of the park, and the boys climbed around in the play structure down there. There was a very nice family of San Francisco Giants fans down there who had girls just a little older than my kids. We chatted pleasantly for a few minutes, then they went up to their seats. We stayed longer; I wanted to hit our seats right at the Anthem to minimize meltdown potential.

True to my hopes, we got to our section right at "....and the rockets red glare!" The section was relatively uncrowded, and we sat down. The Boy and I went to go get a scorecard but returned before the first pitch. They were only somewhat interested in the game, although they did seem appreciate the beauty of the field, the Pittsburgh skyline out across the river. I think the boys started to understand a little bit about how far a home run actually has to be hit. They would watch when the crowd was reacting, and they enjoyed the group clapping stuff. They were particularly excited that they were allowed to yell as loud as they wanted: "Booo Giants! Go Pirates!" and "C'mon Cutch!" (after Andrew McCutchen, the Pirates' best player and my favorite Bucco). The Boy seemed interested in watching me keep score in my scorecard, and he tried to copy it a little bit; he just didn't have the attention span to pay attention to the game and to figure out what "5-3" means. (...which means putout, third baseman to the first baseman.)

We had cotton candy after the first inning ended.

As expected, in the middle of the third inning, when the Pirates just came to bat, things started to unravel a little bit. Little Bear started to crash a bit, and he got punchy (meaning, he was punching his brother) and cranky. The Boy started getting whiny and pushy as well. They held on just long enough for the Pirates to score 3 runs (it helps to keep their attention when the crowd is cheering and yelling a lot), and the boys and I left. Grandpa stayed behind to watch more of the game, which the Pirates eventually won, 12-8. We walked back to the car: I had Little Bear in the back carrier until we got to the bridge, and he walked the rest of the way while The Boy took his place.

The only "scare" on the way home was that Little Bear had a near-potty-eruption, but he peed on the wall in the parking deck next to the car. Boys: peein' on stuff since the dawn of time.

The Boy really wanted nachos on the way out, but I told him that we would have nachos the next time we went. Later, he said he was glad he didn't have them, because his belly hurt a little bit.

Fun night. Can't wait for the next game!

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