Friday, July 12, 2013

Life Updates

The Baby has been in an extremely good place for the last couple of weeks. This point, just turning two, is a good time for babies: he can do so much and has developed a certain amount of independence, but he still needs lots of attention and snuggles and hugs. The insanely cute thing: when you tell him he can't do something or can't have something, his response is, "Oh, man!" That "Oh, man!" is both a "F you, Daddy!" and a "But I really want to do it," which makes it that much funnier. It's hard not to laugh at him, but we hide smiles behind hands pretty well.

When his brothers practice violin, he almost needs to be bodily restrained from trying to participate, which is really cute. He knows all of the songs and poems almost as well as his brothers do, and he likes to sing / chant along with them. I'm glad he's so interested in it! He's also just learning how to jump - he gets an inch or so off the ground at a time.

Little Bear is still wearing a cape 20 hours per day or so and introducing himself to people as "Superman." I'm not sure he really gets what Superman is all about, except that he's super strong, can fly, and punches bad guys. Well, that's most of it; there's also the strong moral code and good behavior, which he's getting MOST of the time. Like his older brother, he's an absolutely vicious and mean little thing when he gets tired. He's a little vicious when bored, but not like when tired. I just think it's awesome that he wants to be Superman (he needs to "fly" with Daddy ten times per day or so), and there's something truly amazing about a little boy riding his bicycle wearing a cape.

He is doing an awful lot of reading lately, including sounding out the letters of words when he doesn't know them. It's impressive and a little frightening; our Little Bear is so, so, so smart! The Boy was reading at this point, but I don't know if he was sounding out words quite as fluidly. Don't get me wrong; he's not going to read the Lord of the Rings this year. But, I'm fairly sure that, like his brother, he'll be reading a few grade levels above his age.

The Boy, also, has been in an extremely good place lately. He's been helpful, and friendly, and healthy; thus far, he's avoided the cold that's plagued his brothers this week. He had a great time at art camp and a good time at Rodef's camp, and he's really ready for kindergarten. His violin lessons have been going quite well: this week, he learned how to put his fingers down and play his first Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star! He even jumped off of the diving board at our friend's house over the 4th break. It was really quite exciting.

This week, when we've been dealing with the younger boys being sick, he's been really good about staying in his own bed at night instead of trying to climb in bed with sick brothers and parents. He's even been doing a better job at staying dry at night - he spent a couple of nights, before we went away, without his night pants and stayed dry!

It's been a suprisingly boring couple of weeks, even with the trip inside of it. Kind of psyched about that.

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