Sunday, July 14, 2013

Party Time!

Today, The Baby and Little Bear had their birthday party. It was at the Pittsburgh Toy Lending Library, and there were, probably, 25 kids there. It was awesome. The Wife did an amazing job planning, preparing, and executing the party.

It was really quite simple in effect: the kids came and played in the large playroom. We co-opted the art room to be the food room, but the rest of the playroom was open and available. I can say for sure, being one of the cleanup folks, that every single toy was used in joyful manner.

The food was healthy and tasty: pita with hummus dip, tortilla chips with salsa or yogurt cream dips, fruit in various forms (blueberries, watermelon, oranges, etc.), lemonade, water, and some unhealthy treats: jelly bean boxes, chocolate, and cookies with the kids' picture on them.

We also had a lady, friends with The Wife from high school, who does face painting. We hired her for the party as well. That was a big hit. The Boy had his done as Batman; Little Bear as an orange tiger; and The Baby had an Elmo done on his hand. The face painting was a big hit, and I heartily recommend it for a party.

The party started at 3, everyone left around 5, and The Wife and I finished cleaning up around 6. It was nice to have the party away from home; I always find it frustrating to clean the house sparkling before visitors arrive only to have it demolished again by the end of the party.

This particular party was perfect. Little Bear just turned four; The Baby is turning two on Tuesday. There is no need to have an expensive, elaborate shindig for kids who really prefer unstructured play. They had fun; the parents were able to relax a bit and enjoy chatting with each other; and we had a successful afternoon.

Next up: The Boy's party. Not exactly sure what we're doing yet, but we are pretty sure we're going to do something like "rent out" the little pool at the JCC for an hour or two. Swimming party!!!

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