Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Temporary Bachelor

This week, The Wife, the boys, and Grandma have travelled to Atlantic City to spend time on the beach. I'm a swinging bachelor for the next couple of days. Friday morning, Grandpa is driving me to the bus station, and I'm taking the bus to Philadelphia, where The Wife will pick me up and drop off Grandma. We head on to New Jersey at that point for Cousin J's engagement party. I'm still really unhappy about being as far from the boys as I am. I know that things are fine, and everybody's going to be happy and healthy and ready to go; but I'm still paranoid. Plus, it really disrupts the rhythm and flow of my day - I'm used to waking up with little people in bed with me, eating breakfast with little boys, and usually having one or two pop downstairs and exercise with me. I'm not looking forward to going home tonight to an empty, quiet house. It's not cool. I was kind of looking forward to sleeping in this morning - I would sleep until 6:45, then quick dressed and breakfast and out the door. Instead, I awoke a little before 5 and wasn't able to get back to sleep. The house was too quiet, and I didn't have any little people to snuggle me back to sleep. I exercised (which I don't normally do on Wednesdays), putzed around, and was still at work a half hour early. Instead of staying home tonight, I'm going to go see Pacific Rim - the kind of guy movie that would be difficult to see with the boys at home. I mean, c'mon - giant robots fighting with giant monsters, in IMAX 3D? That screams "WIN" on so many levels. That'll go from 7 until 9:30, then I can go home, clean up a bit, and go to bed. Sigh.

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