Sunday, August 4, 2013

Family Update

Birthday season continues this week, as I hit birthday number 39. To be very honest, number 39 is kind of hitting me strongly. While I'm quite satisfied with the direction my life is moving (love my job, love my family, love my house, love most of my musical activities), the prospect of entering middle age is a little frightening.

I know, I know, best time of life, most fulfilling, accomplishing goals, etc., etc. I'm not disputing that. I guess this is some leftover realizations that I'm not going to accomplish many of the goals from college and grad school. I not sure which is something I'm struggling with more: the fact that I'm not reaching them, or the fact that I don't really want to reach them anymore. Probably the latter than the former; I'm coming up on three and a half years from the last time I practiced my instrument (non-music lesson division), and some days I wish I was less indifferent about it.

The boys, meanwhile, are doing wonderfully. We went to Idlewild on Thursday, which was an awful lot of fun. The weather was great - rainy and cool in the morning, which kept a big chunk of the crowds away, then sunny and warm in the afternoon, which let us spend some time in the water park. This year, unlike last year, Little Bear went on every single ride he could. This year, The Baby decided that he was afraid of every single ride. Sigh.

The Wife and I took turns taking The Boy on the bigger kid rides. Little Bear spent a big chunk of the day at Kiddieland. Even though he's big enough to ride the more grown up rides, he still really enjoys the kiddie rides. Plus, he doesn't need a grownup to ride the kiddie rides, which meant that I could pay attention to The Baby while he rode. For that matter, The Boy is still little enough to go on the kiddie rides, and he is not at that "forget about that baby stuff" stage yet, so he was able to have fun there also.

Having the kids go at a full sprint for the six hours at the park was pretty cool to see. I'm excited for when they're a little bit bigger, when they can go on a few more of the rides together. What wasn't as cool was the hour long naps they took on the ride home (that kept them up until nearly 11), but it's the summer. It's time to have your sleep patterns screwed up.

Other than that, things are going normally. The Dr. Seuss art camp that 1 & 2 attended was a success. I took some time off work to go the art show at the end, and it was amusing. Nothing like the big grilled cheese sandwich that The Boy at the last camp, but the truffle trees were entertaining. Plus, the really, really big project that they all did was cool. My kids we the only boys in the class, which was kind of funny. The teachers are... well, kids, probably 20-22 years old, who didn't seem to have many boys in their other classes. lol! My mother is correct: "It's more than just the plumbing that's different."

Little Bear has continued his Superman obsession, needing to be wearing a cape every waking moment. He's lost the rights to the cloth capes because of misbehavior, but that hasn't stopped him: he makes capes out of paper and tapes them to his shirt. It would be cute if he wasn't using a roll of tape per day and our house wasn't covered with little scraps of construction paper.

The boys' violin lessons have been ... going. The Boy is doing quite well. His twinkle twinkles have gotten quite good, for his age, and he cooperates pretty well during his lessons. Little Bear has been struggling a bit more. He's little; his size and his intelligence doesn't cover the fact that he's a normal just-turned-four little boy. He's silly, and occasionally randomly uncooperative. If he's tired, he's really, really mean. It's the nature of the beast. The teacher is quite frustrated by it; but, she's young. We're looking at a different teacher for the fall, someone who's a bit older and has more experience dealing with an exuberant child.

Worst case? Little Bear takes "lessons" during his daily practice with us. The Boy will continue as per normal, and we'll just continue Little Bear's development without a weekly teacher until he's ready to restart lessons. Good thing he's got two musician parents.

The Baby is actually starting to run like a little boy and not like a toddler. That's a neat sign. He also wants to ride his bike, and understands that the pedals are for his feet, but hasn't quite gotten the pushing of the pedals down. He's playing his letter games just like his brothers, and he knows the abc song with ease. Good news? He's at least as smart as his brothers. Occasionally asks to use the potty, which is nice.

That's about it, for now.

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