Monday, August 5, 2013


Yesterday, after the swimming lessons, we went to the Schenley Park Ice Rink to play mini-golf. The Sisterhood Chapter from Rodef Shalom had rented it out and filled it with minigolf holes as a fun family-day kind of fund-raiser. We were, naturally, one of the very first families to arrive, so we were able to play without waiting too often. It was a lot of fun.

Little Bear cheated. A lot. He'd hit the ball, pick it up and move it to a more convenient location, then hit it again. Lots of dragging the ball into the hole with the club. He also used an unorthodox backhand grip, which likely didn't help. The Boy did okay - didn't cheat in the same way, but he has the same issue I do with golf: we hold the club and swing it as if we're playing baseball. The Wife did quite well. I was just fooling around - didn't really feel like playing seriously, so I did a bit of dragging and kicking the ball, too (mostly the kids' balls, to put them in a slightly better position). The star of the day was The Baby, who swung his golf club at whatever ball was closest to him, regardless of whose ball it was. He also splashed in every single puddle on the rink (still some puddles left from the last rainstorm) and managed to lose his golf ball three separate times. It was really quite cute.

After that game, we bought hot dogs for lunch. I had a second, which my wife - inexplicably - brought back with ketchup on it. I don't think I've had ketchup on a hot dog in 30 years. It tasted weird. After lunch, I brought The Baby home to rest while The Wife played another game with the older boys.

The Baby had a tough time relaxing, but once he fell asleep, he slept hard - almost three hours' worth! It's nice to see that he CAN relax with me - even though he asked for Mommy a few times, he finally relaxed enough to fall asleep. We watched some "Elephant Show" (it exists - check it out on YouTube. It's glorious in it's wonderful 70's life) and some Elmo's Potty Time.

The Baby is really, really, really into elephants right now. He loves elephants! We need to get him a small stuffed elephant. He likes pictures of elephants, shows that have elephants, pretending he's an elephant, etc., etc. It's really quite cute. He finds the tiniest picture of an elephant imprinted on the side of a sippy cup, and he's entertained for five minutes.

After naptime, The Wife was playing Kingdom Hearts with a family audience. We shared some popcorn, then went over Grandma's house for dinner. Dinner, bath, reading stories, bedtime - both older boys slept in The Boy's room, which has been happening 4-5 times per week for the last month. Little Bear loves being in The Boy's room, and I think The Boy appreciates it, as well. Something about company. We'll see.

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