Thursday, September 19, 2013


This past weekend was Yom Kippur, the Jewish day of atonement. Basically, right after the big new year's holiday, everybody apologizes for their sins for the past year and promises to do better. The Wife played bass during the kol nidrei - the call to atonement, basically - service on Friday night. I met the boys at Grandma's house. They had already eaten, so I grabbed a quick snack and threw them in the car. The boys were beginning to turn back into pumpkins and Grandma had already done far, far more than her duty for the day. They were all in bed by 8:30, and I joined them by 9:15. The Wife got home safely

after then.

Saturday morning, we all went to the young children's service at Rodef Shalom together. It was quite nice; the boys wanted to dress up, so they wore their suits: vest, tie, slacks, nice black shoes. I wore a 3-piece suit without the jacket to match them. They were okay during the service, and I took 2 & 3 home afterwards. The Wife and 1 stayed for the kindergarten service; since he's in Sunday school, he can just stay with her when that stuff happens. I took the younger boys to the comic book store and Starbucks, and we went home afterwards. We had a nice lunch and napped together for a chunk of the afternoon. The Wife and The Boy got home while we were all resting. Saturday afternoon, The Wife went back to services and I took the boys to Eat 'N' Park for dinner; I really didn't want her cooking while she was fasting, and besides, there really wasn't any food in the house at that point. She came back home and ate some leftovers for dinner. We went to the playground for a little while at night before turning


Sunday, I had a singing job with my chorus. The Wife had no Sunday school because of the recent holiday, so she was home with boys. I got home from singing and took 3 for a nap while she took 1 and 2 to swimming lessons. We kind of slumped around the house for the rest of the afternoon. She went to a CD release party for a former teacher while the boys and I stayed home and watched football. Rather, I watched the occasional football play while keeping the boys from killing each other or the baby from pooping on the floor. After dinner, Grandma and Grandpa decided to send us out for a drink while they sat with the boys, which was very nice.

The Baby is an that frustrating part of potty training. He's 95% pee trained; he won't often take himself to the potty to pee, but will not use the potty for poo. Makes it a bit messy. I did make a rookie mistake on Friday night - went to the park without a change of clothes for the baby, figuring that the poop he made right before we left home would carry us through. Nope. Had to leave, which was a real shame - the older boys had found another bike-riding boy, and they were trading bikes and having a LOT of fun racing each other around the playground. It's also making it a bit tougher at preschool, because we have to remember to change him into diapers when we get to school. Not a huge deal - we did the same thing for Little Bear - but add that to the morning list.

The Boy startled us yet again with his reading abilities. When The Wife and I got home Sunday night, he was upstairs with Little Bear, reading him the Pinnochio story. He read the entire story, beginning to end, with no help from anybody else. It was pretty darn amazing. I stood outside the door and listened because I could hardly believe it. It's tough reading - and there were some words that he kind of slurred his way through - but he did a nice job. He even managed to make different characters speak with different voices! I'm very proud of him. I was an early reader, too.

He's still playing Kingdom Hearts and advancing further (slowly) in the game. Because of the game, we've gotten the boys to watch and to read Lion King, Nightmare Before Christmas, Alice in Wonderland, and Peter Pan. Now we're adding Pinnochio (because Monstro the Whale is a world in the game) and Little Mermaid; we need to find Pinnochio the movie, but I own Little Mermaid on DVD. The Baby asks to listen to "This Is Halloween," the opening song from Nightmare Before Christmas, every time he gets in the car with me. It's kind of neat, because they get introduced to some great, older movies and meet the characters before actually seeing the movie.

The fun thing about The Boy is his complete, sweet innocence when it comes to the whole thing. He's a very, very smart and capable child, who can figure out all kinds of things, but he doesn't have a lot of arrogance about him. There's no feeling of "This is for babies!" or "I've been doing this for years" when asked to do things. I think this is going to help him survive kindergarten without alienating everybody in the classroom; he's honestly ready for 2nd or 3rd grade academic material, as I've stated before. But, because he enjoys doing things and completing them well, he doesn't mind re-doing the simple activities in kindergarten.

Scary math moment from yesterday: I told him that tomorrow (now today) is my oldest brother's birthday. I told The Boy that he was ten years older than me and asked how old Uncle B was. He thought about it for a second, and I started him "Okay, I'm 39. 39, 40, 41..." He interrupted me before I finished saying 41 by saying 49. That's pretty extraordinary. Good for him!

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